Which Diesel for RTW w/ FJ47?


You can always add a turbo to a 1HZ for more grunt, but if it will be pushed hard often, it is probably worth it to spend money on an HD-T/HD-FT/HD-FTE or the VD. All are costly. The HZ has the same block as the HD, but smaller conrods, different head, injectors, IP, lines, etc, so the base is the same including oiling. You can get turbo pistons from AUS for it. If it were me, I would go slower and enjoy the longest production run diesel Toyota ever made (and is still making?).

I have a 6400lb FJ62 with an HZ-T and it works great. I am in a mild climate, have the turbo near factory (9psi) boost and on a long or hot steep incline generally shift down to 4th and keep the RPMs up and the temps reasonable. They rev to 4k, but I don't think I've had mine up to 3k more than once or twice. I can cruise at 65 and blast up to 80 easily. It isn't a powerful motor but it is quite adequate with a turbo.

Pretty pleased with my swap choice; it was this or a Vortec. 800+ mile range in the boonies is great.

It is a 4 wire engine without the glow control. A starter relay and a momentary switch work great.


In my opinion, if you want a 12HT, buy an HJ61. The 12HT is a wonderful engine, I like mine a lot, but there are some complicating factors that have to be dealt with for a conversion. Many are 24v, they use glow screens and vac pumps on the back of the alternator and parts are scarce as that engine was only used in the HJ61 (and Coaster busses). Though they are related to the 2H there are significant differences so even with an HJ47, a swap will not be easy.

If you want the power go with a 1hdt, if you want simplicity and parts availability, go with a 1HZ. They have a good amount of power and can tow a small trailer if needed. We travelled with a South African family in Morocco who towed a Conqueror Compact with their HZJ105 all the way around Africa. The rig weighed in at over 8000lbs.

If you have your heart set on the 12HT, go for it, be prepared for some work, but enjoy it. Life is sometimes about making things just the way you want them. We are loading up our HJ61 and heading to Africa next year and I have few concerns about the 24 year old truck making it. But if I was starting from scratch, I may have chosen differently.

cruiser guy

We are loading up our HJ61 and heading to Africa next year and I have few concerns about the 24 year old truck making it.
When you make it to Sierra Leone, West Africa stop on by and visit another Canadian with a 'Cruiser from Canada. We'll be making the drive from Sierra Leone to Germany for part of the year but we should be back here.

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