Where is everyone getting their cans

Just the crappy red ones right? Not MFCs

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MY local home depots don't sell the red scepter corp MFC (military fuel can) version like this one on the right.....

.....but they do sell the non military consumer version red scepter cans on the left that look similar in shape but not nearly as good
and the consumer version does not fit into the military jerry can mount/holder either


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Just the crappy red ones right? Not MFCs

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Nope, the real deal MFC's! Even the spouts! The only thing I've noticed is that they are an inch shorter than the actual army ones. Yet still made by sceptre and all the same markings on it. I'll take a pic when I get home of the 2 side by side.

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They have them in green and red. MFC's!!!

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If so......what's the Home Depot "SKU NUMBER" they are listed by ??

princess auto does sell military surplus green mfc fuel cans but no red *note* princess auto in canada does ship to the usa but once you realize they then add the shipping and brokerage costs Im quite sure you'll cancel the order as the cost is very very high.

Home Depot in all the areas I go and even checked online no military version anywhere ?
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Here is the pic:

The shorter one is the Home Depot one.
Close up

Not sure of sku. I'll go buy another and Check.

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Home Depot sells them now too in Canada and for 1/2 the price of Princess Auto.

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so you bought the green can pictured on the right at home depot in what area? for 1/2 the price princess auto sells them for...... that would be almost unbelievably cheap.
and they have Red the same style mfc also ??
the reason the one on the right is shorter that one on the left is very old its had several changes over the years markings ect check the date its usually inside of a small circle with
example 07 would be 2007
example 82 would be 1982
the one on the right was made in 2015
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Bought it at the Fredericton HD, was $45 I think. And yes they have the exact same one as I have in green, in red also. I will go buy a red one tomorrow.

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wow that's great pricing far better than anywhere I know of
I found out home depot has many regional items that are not always available at every Home Depot
across Canada and those mfcs are not available in my region
I'm sure there's a few guys here and elsewhere that would love to buy a few of the normally hard to come by red mfc's
at that basement bargain price.
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