Where are you now? OFFICIAL MAYA RALLY In Progress thread!


Thanks Christian, and Bryon....

Since Bacalar we followed the gulf coast back into Texas, Checked out the Sonora Caverns in Texas, New years in Phoenix with Family, Cruised the south rim of the Grand Canyon in the Snow in January, Vegas for my birthday, back up the west coast, Alaska in May to see friends and participate in an annual car racing gathering, one of the first across the 'Top of the World Highway' after a late opening due to snow/weather, got rerouted because the Cassiar Highway was washed out, and made it into Washington to let the Donkey rest mid June.

Heres a map of all the places we stayed in the past 8 months. Now back in Hawaii working....




Learning To Live
where does this Ralley go this year?

Doe the destination change year to year? I would love to plan out a ralley over here in the Americas