where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?

958 with the PDCC and the front locker? That my friend is an absolute Unicorn. Been looking for that tell tale all silver round knob/button section for quite some time.
Hahahaha, sorry, I'm fitting a Harrop front locker and thought it would be a nice touch to make use of the console schematic and fit a 4th LED.

They never came with a front locker. Porsche/VW played with the idea and made 6 prototypes, the idea was abandoned for undisclosed reasons. It must have been close to production as VW produced the selector for it but never went through with it.
Hehe. How difficult was to wire that light in Dave? ;)

Bloody sceptics.

Not hard. Just a standard 5mm LED in a housing I machined it also holds a light pipe so it looks factory when off. It just runs off the power through a resistor when the diff is powered.


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Simple. Too complicated, expensive and the stupid hand grabs on the console don't allow a comfortable leg position for tall people.