where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?


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Good to read that you are still doing more with your car, there dont seem to be many of us, and its hard to get info at times. As stuff comes up, I'm sticking my exploits on the Facebook page, just as a record and to share with friends on where we've been. www.facebook.com/CayenneGTSOffroad . I'm keen to keep in touch with others doing the same thing.

Now I've sorted tyres, my next 2 projects are

1) Disabling Airbags (which I can do by disconnecting battery and unplugging the control module. This will enable side cresting in sand without fear that airbags will go off.

2) Keep ride height at high level during offroading (Again in dunes). I plan to use a durametric to achieve this with recalibration. This will be a little summer project I think.

Agree on the maint. I mix doing it myself and with a garage....still learning my way around the car.


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I will say this, and for some it will be very important. If you've not changed tire diameter on a truck before, know that it will have a large impact on acceleration/response/etc. I have a 6 cylinder which I'm happy with. I bought the Cayenne specifically to convert to an overland vehicle and it's fine for that. Changing to the 32" over all diameter has had a substantial effect on acceleration and response. .
This might be true for the 250hp VR6 motor and small brakes on the 6cyl.

The impact on a 550hp Turbo with big brakes is minimal at best.


I have always wondered how the transsyberia can only have one snorkel, when there are two filter boxes on each engine side. It appears that they added two plastic tubes from the boxes and exits to the right top firewall. The right is a shorter tube and the left is a longer tube that crosses the engine.
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The original Parts for transsyberia Snorkel

2500 dollars in Porsche Lugano

I have the catalog of parts to make a transsyberia



Thanks for the info. Do you think they still have it in stock?

On the other hand, I'm testing my new roof lights. I have 2 more coming on back order.
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I've also bought a ridgid toolbox. It's now my ultralight kitchen. A couple of jetboils mugs, a frying pan and utensils fits perfectly.



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I like the front lights, what are they? Did you need to drill holes in the roof?

Interesting to note the rear of your 958 (I assume) looks very much more rugged than the carpeted back of my 957. Do you put the rest of your kit on the roof? By the time I've done spare wheel, inflator, jack, jack stand, snatch rope and a cool box, there its a huge amount of space. And thats for a short trip.


The roof lights are Hella FF300 used by the Cayenne Transsyberia that I mounted on the roof rack. I'm still waiting for 2 more lights on back order, before I wire it. I'm thinking of just wiring/tucking it along the door frame.
I only put light bulky items on the roof rack. Will be buying more ridgid tool boxes. I think 4 will fit in perfectly on the roof and its also low profile.
I have a rubberized mat on the rear of my 955, it saves the carpet in the long run. Downside is it's a little bit slippery and everything in the back will be sliding if it's not secured.


The central lights are FF 300 and the external lights is the antifog light
I will replace the antifoglight by long range

Is better for my use
Ciao 20160811_165950.jpg

I would like more brightness in front

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