Where are all the 6.6 duramax vans?


Well, ironically, I now know where 2 of the 6.6L Duramax vans are, they were just delivered to my yard yesterday. 07/08 short cargo vans with some seriously expensive built in dog kennels in the back. 192K and 209K both run excellent, are rockets on the highway. I wonder what could be built out of one of these rather than what they were built for at tax payer expense. 065 (1024x768).jpg069 (1024x768).jpg060 (768x1024).jpg062 (768x1024).jpg

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Wow, my buddy has a dog walking company here in Vancouver BC, he could use those 2 vans in a heartbeat!


The kennels are vented, air conditioned, lighted, etc. A friend of mine thats a metal fab guy said the aluminum work would be super crazy expensive to duplicate, like $15K-$20K, said he couldnt hardly put a number on it it's so nicely done. Im about to start on recon, paint, body work etc but if anyone wants one as is $7500 buys one. Zero rust underneath, came from NM, surface rust only on roof edge like pretty much every van I get peels like a snake somewhere, lol....


I have owned both, the Duramax has more power, gets way better mileage at sea level but I love the 8.1L it is an awesome motor. I've had several 8.1 vans including 4wd, had a short empty (light) cargo van that was a total sleeper, nobody could cut that one off if I hit the gas!


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Not much better than my 2001 8.1 Litre Gas 4WD Quigley 3500 Express van.

It gets 12.5 - 13.5 MPG all the time trailer or no trailer!
highway or city

In town with Mostly 5-10 minute trips in stop and go traffic I usually get 12ish. Which is about the worst. Best was up around 18-19. Sailing along the freeway at 80-85 most of the day I’ve seen 16.5 mpg. Which given I was driving with a heavy foot, in a rig weighing about 10k, 8’6” high x 88” wide x 21’ long, driving to catch up with the group that left hours ahead of me... it could be much worse.

7.3 psd
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highway or city?
All the time!

Does not make any difference.

Trailer no trailer city or highway.

It's always the same MPG!

It does go to the lower end of those numbers running 80MPH versus 70-75 MPH on the interstate.

It's those 4.10 gears. Do it to ya every time!


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Most that get one don't ever sell it...that combined with the low production numbers make them tough to find (and was a big part of why I built mine).
I've seen several gas GMC van overlanders but have not seen any with diesels.

I agree, most don't part with them.

I have an '08 GMC 6.6 Duramax Savana extended body van. Last year before DEF, from what I understand. I've had it since early 2012 and have had zero problems with it. I've driven it all over North America, from Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec to the Mexican border and from San Francisco up into Edmonton and Winnipeg, much of it hauling my off-road trailer.

She has over 411,000 miles on her right now. I've put on about half of those, and in that time have only replaced the glow plugs and oil pressure sensor.

It's a great, rugged, dependable engine.

Before this van I had a '98 Chevy Express with a 6.5 diesel, though those weren't Duramax. That one had well over 500,000 miles on her before I sold it. Drive train and engine were still sound, but the body was starting to get ragged.

Here's my Savana 6.6:



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I’m glad to hear the Duramax is working out for all of you.

A good friend worked for a tow company... he told me the Duramax they had kept blowing head gaskets. He had a low opinion of the Duramax. 6.0 Fords were even worse.... in contrast the 7.3 truck’s hour meter had been pinned at 99,999 hours for years, and it just wouldn’t die.
The Duramax your friend is talking about are the 6.5 and earlier versions. These 6.6 versions are very durable. There is a member with a dieselplace forum under van section, he has a 2006 duramax van which he uses as a work van and towes too. The van has 400k+ miles with original engine and transmission.

I personally sold a 2007 Ford 6.0 powerstroke van( 45k miles) and bought a 2013 duramax van(under 40k miles). Besides being more reliable than Ford they handle better than ford and build quality inside and outside are better. For example the frame under my chevy is fully boxed in the Ford it wasn't. The 6.6 is wayyyy quieter than the 6.0 and is more powerful obviously.

About finding them used at a reasonable price, on 3 different occasions someone else snagged it before me even though i had the cash ready. This final one i bought, got lucky and I snagged it off as the prior party was working with his bank. I paid sight unseen 2500 miles away as it was still under warranty and the seller was a chevy dealer. But there are plenty of overpriced one available!994369b9-6baa-48b0-b5f6-6954bc1dc931.jpegf9fbaefc-64db-4286-9d58-b556cffa14e9.jpeg1bc01224-6a9d-4f90-b4b2-8c7b93794915.jpeg


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Great looking rig. Who did the 4x4 conversion on it?

the 6.5 motors weren’t Duramax, they were pre the founding of the GM Isuzu partnership. It was either a GM in house or a Detroit Diesel, can’t remember.

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Great looking rig. Who did the 4x4 conversion on it?

the 6.5 motors weren’t Duramax, they were pre the founding of the GM Isuzu partnership. It was either a GM in house or a Detroit Diesel, can’t remember.
The 6.5 Diesels were Detroit Diesels I believe.

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