When is a switch not a switch?


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I hope I can make this clear, but because I don't understand it, it may not be as such. I have the below switch which is used to cut all power from the house batteries to the rest of the truck. I thought it would switch on = power on, switch off = everything immediately off, like a light switch. However, when I switch it off, instead of it stopping all power immediately , it seems to allow power to trickle through for aperiod of time before everything is off, eg. the fridge still runs for about 30 seconds before switching off. Is there something wrong or is there a fault with this switch?



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Without seeing/knowing how the rest of the electrical system is wired, it would be difficult to give any real advice about your described situation.
If you want, you can pop around and we can do a bit of fault finding.


I have the same switch. Its def on-off.

FYI, the fridge may have a capacitor onboard, that would delay turning it off immediately.


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Inverters act as large capacitors too if you have one of them on the circuit..

A switch is not a drain.. any electrical capacity on the other side will still exist until consumed.