Well, I've gotten tired of looking at my chipped, dirty, dented wheelwells and want to do something about it. I've seen some guys coat the inside of their wheelwells with DIY bedliner of different varieties, and Im considering doing that, I just haven't had a chance to get another can of bedliner (I prefer the Duplicolor spray on stuff). I also have a full can of 3M Rubberized Udnder Coating laying around that I could use also. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated, as well as other suggestions.

Its not really a super functional mod, but more of an aesthetics thing, cause it's been bugging me. If I go the bedliner route, I'm also considering coating my factory flares with a shot or two of it also, seeing as they are bleached gray and scratched and chipped up beyond belief. :snorkel:



Rubberized undercoating will help deaden some of the noise from what your tire throws while off road, but the spray can variety seems to trap moisture and most of it flakes right back off.

Haven't heard of anyone getting good results with spray on rubberized undercoating.


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After I did flat fenders on the jeep i just used flat black protective enamel in the wheel well. Looks a 100x better than the red and primer areas.


Get some de-greaser and clean the hell out of your wheel wells, then spray with either ACE hardware gloss black or Rustoleum Gloss black...mud does not stick to it and it seals much better than the dupli-color stuff....That's how mine are done.


I don't like the Duplicolor truck bed coating. If you don't prep the area 100% you'll get flaking. I've got most of the interior of my Jeep painted with it.

I'd probably go with Rustolium Professional Black as it's the cheapest option. It's easy to find and can be touched up. Hammerite would also be a good choice. They used crushed glass to strengthen the paint surface. Comes in spray cans as well as paint cans. This stuff holds up really well against chipping. Then there is POR15. Self leveling, rust protection, thick hard surface. No spray cans available.

I wouldn't use rubberized coating as it would tend to hold mud/dirt and can't really be washed.