Wheel Size - 17,18,20?


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I have a single wheel, ram 3500, with a 2,500 wet weight hallmark pop up and would like to go with 37 inch tires (already have leveling kit).

CJC Offroad has great advice and they like to go with 17 inch wheels, but I wonder if going with a smaller rim would be that good of an idea, since there would be so much tire rubber and that would then create a lot of tire flex/sway going down the road with a truck camper on back.

So the question is…what wheel size would you recommend?

-17 inch
-18 inch
-20 inch
-Doesn't matter – just put more air pressure in


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Typically, for off-road you want the smallest wheel with the most rubber you can get. For on-road, more rubber will give a better ride, but worse handling. In your case, I would still go with 17s if they work with your truck, and some good load range E tires, that will take a high PSI. Honestly, I don't think you would notice much of a difference in flex/sway from your tires...A good HD sway bar will improve those characteristics far more than your wheel choice will.


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I'd go with 17"s for sure, but at the very largest 18"s. I have 17"s on my truck and having looked at tires in all the different sizes, the 17" and even 18" have the best selection of tires across the board. I am sure you'll have a load range E tire and that should really keep your tires from having the flex you're concerned about, they are quite stiff and designed to handle the increased weight.

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Much depends on your intended use of your 3500. If you will be airing down often on rocky trails or many miles of washboard roads then the smallest wheel that will fit your Ram would be advisable. E rated tires that have reinforced sidewalls will not contribute to noticeable roll on road. Especially if, as dra2120 mentioned, you have a good HD sway bar in place.


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Agreed with everyone so far. Also remenber a 3500 with a camper, popup whatever on 37s has a high center of gravity and is going to have plenty of sway. Changing to a low profile tire will have little effect on reducing the sway. Going to 17s in my mind is a better balance. The sidewall flex you speak of will make the unit sway better balanced. A low profile tire only accents the already high center of gravity. Just like a low profile tire is in balance with a high performance Corvette, a tall profile is in balance with an off road vehicles performance.