What's the name of G-Wagen sales/restoration shop in USA?(fairly new place)


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Hey all,

I'm trying to think of the name of a fairly new business(at least AFAIK), they're in Cali or Colorado I believe. They sell G-Wagens and also restore them, fix them up with repaints or whatever you want. Lots of older W460 military units, they recently had 1 red 300GD ambulance. They've been featured somewhere on ExPo(maybe their Instagram?). Anyways, I've Google searched until my fingers have bled and couldn't find them. Trying to point a G-friend to them for something specific.

Any help is appreciated. Thx much!


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Yes, the red 300GD ambulance looked spectacular ...
It was well priced too ... in contrast to their other Gs for sale (at that particular time).


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E.E. ******, thank you!
A G owner here should contact them and do some SEO work for them to help their Google search results.

PS--I've been informed from others who've seen their G's first hand that you'll want to have them inspected by a third party before purchase. It seems that at least some of them might be lipsticks on pigs. :-/ Just a fair warning to do due diligence.


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Yes please come by and check out our "polished pigs" as we have plenty of camo trucks for purchase starting at 14900. As far as finished trucks we do all metal repair and currently have several builds in progress. Please feel free to stop by the shop at any time and check out the projects we are working on 7881 west 48th ave wheatridge co 80033. Thanks -Tim


Did you guys ever sell the tan FJ45 with flat bed that was on Ebay. I recognize the building from the pictures.


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I dig that exterior color--Tectite Grey?
The interior wood looks gorgeous. Anyone know what wood that is?

I'm a bit confused however; ad says 125,987mi but odo shows 228,107mi.
I assume the fluid leak on the ground is from another truck and not this one?
I believe it was really 228k miles. That's why the price was so low.

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