What's the condition of your Gen. III front motor mounts?


Replaced both forward motor mounts...

At first glance the mounts appeared worn, but didn't look too bad.
Upon closer inspection there was a small crack in the rubber that looked to go around the mount- although it's difficult to inspect the mount from all angles.

Jacked up the motor using some blocks of wood and a bottle jack after putting the rig on jack stands to take the weight off the front mounts.
Removed the upper and lower nuts/bolts.
Jacked up the motor until it was almost touching the firewall.
Removed the old, broken mounts.
Installed new mounts. (The new mounts were a tight fit.)

Both front mounts were broken completely in half!

Ready to roll!


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That is great info. I will have to do a better inspection. Sounds waaaay to easy of a job! Maybe I can do that one at home. Thanks for the post.


Fairly easy task.

I sprayed all the nuts/bolts with PB Blaster daily for about a week or two before attempting the project.
Like I said, the new mounts are a tight fit...I used the handle of my floor jack to lever the motor just a bit more to allow room for the new mounts to drop into place.


My dad just had to do this on his Gen 3, also replaced trans mounts. Both were gone at 120k. I need to check my wife's Gen 3, we are at 160k and I never even though about them.