What's she worth? 2008 E-350 diesel 4x4 Sportsmobile w/ Colorado Camper Van lift top


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Hey all,

I had this unit commissioned with big plans... but life took other directions. I've camped in it one time... on the way to South Dakota to pheasant hunt...
So she sits on battery tenders in my barn, and is started and moved monthly... I guess its time to let her go...

She is VERY dusty on the outside from tractors pulling in and out of barn, so excuse the pics.

SO, what is she worth? I have no idea and was hoping for input here...

2008 E-350 Diesel with I was told bulletproofed 6.0. (bought off Ebay as a blank van, it was a Discovery Channel off-road production vehicle with 4wd and had previously a studio in rear)
Aluminess Full front and rear bumpers w/ lockable storage
Aluminess Rear Genny storage box
Spare tire
Rear airbags for leveling w/ load
Side runningboards and wheel arches
Fiamma Awning
According to original listing, an Advanced 4x4 conversion.
Added bluetooth entertainment system
Added backup camera
22,000 original miles
Top of the line Sportsmobile conversion... w/
Diesel heater option
Diesel heated hot water
Interior water tank
Corian countertops
Leather seating
Down convertible lounger and bed
Cassette toilet
Pull out pantries
Removable table
Exterior Shower
Exterior and Interior lights
Durable floor system

Handgun vault
Colorado Camper Van Top
Remote control raise and lower
High Van for extended height even when down
HUGE configurable upper bed that stacks for room when not sleeping
Insulated tent w/ zippered windows and screens
Interior latch system

I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch... I just checked boxes as I had big plans...

Input sought on value...thanks in adance



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I don't suppose you would take $362.00 plus whatever I have in the change bowl?
Didn't think so.
$79,990.00 USD


Wow! That thing is in amazing shape! Very well taken care of with a great layout, and fully optioned to say the least!
$80k might be a good starting point? It depends how quickly you want to sell it. With all the $120k+ Sprinter 4WD's out there, you might fetch more than that?
Try to locate the paperwork showing ALL the 6.0 "bulletproofing" was actually done, or get your local diesel mechanic to verify that with an inspection. That will make your sale price credible.
You might want to search around a bit more on some of the other Sportsmobile forums and also look at SMB's pre-owned website to see examples of what these have recently sold for, and are currently priced.
These are definitely in a specialty market of their own, and your buyer has to have their financing very dialed or have cash. From experience there are a lot of tire kickers out there that can't or don't know how to get these financed.
With a lot of patience we sold ours for $85k three years ago to a nice couple in Oregon.

Good luck with your sale!(y)