Whats it worth? 2000 Type 1 ambulance 7.3 only 53,000miles


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Hey everyone! I just joined the forum but have been following along on some of the members van builds etc. Tons of good information on here and wanted to start off by saying thanks to everyone that posts on here. I am working on a a 2000 E350 7.3L and will be installing the MG kit (already purchased the kit, axles etc and currently compiling other components). But....my employer just mentioned that they will be upgrading one of the ambulances and selling the old one. It's a Type 1, F450 7.3L 4x4 with 53,000 miles on it. Basically it has been babied its whole life and I was thinking about possibly switching gears and buying this and maybe putting the van a side for a bit, mostly because I think i can convert it quicker and start using it sooner. Any opinions on what one of these is worth?? Also any pros and cons from anyone with experience with the truck style ambulances vs the van style.

Biggest difference for me is the length - the truck bases are a solid 1-2ft longer than the van bases just based on the length of the hood (engine placement). What that means depends on your intended use... but worth considering when thinking about parking & maneuverability in both urban and rural areas. Sometimes those ambulances can go for really good deals, considering the life they have left in them though. Bonus points to being certain how it has been treated since it's coming from your employer.


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I think you could expect to pay 20K for the rig. Any less I would think would be a good price. The ones Ive seen that are type 1 with higher miles than 53K sell for around 14-17K. I have a type 2 E350 im building out. Has 109K miles now.

I think it just depends. Type 1 has a box, type 2 is just a van essentially. Just depends. Either way people will notice the box way more. So if your urban camping its a dead give away its not an ambulance anymore. The box also may come into clearance issues too. And day to day driving would probably get old fast always having to watch the mirrors. But you get some more storage and floorspace. Good luck


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i too have been looking at some of these vehicles

in addition to the length issue already mentioned above i have found many of the F series units don't have a pass thru door and at best just a small booted window between the cab and ambulance body

even though small the E series do have a pass thru that i can squeeze my fat butt thru which i'm thinking is on my need list

only a few of the ones i have found have less than 100k on their clocks butt for a 7.3 that's not a tie breaker in my book

there is a question in the back of my mind that keeps raising it's head and that is in reference to rear end ratio options

when i jump'd from an F-250 to an F-350 the rear end ratio options dwindled in numbers and they were substantially lower gearing

will this happen again when jumping up to a 450 series? IDK and so far no one i've asked can/will tell me

i have found that in the northern states there are some out there that are 4x4 already

the prices i'm finding range from $1800 - $6500

the prices i'm finding do not necessarily represent the way they were cared for

sorry for muddying up the waters

That's a great platform. @Everlanders did their build on a similar F550.

You'll appreciate the higher weight rating especially if towing, but the ride will be a lot rougher than the E350 without an aftermarket suspension. Tire options are very limited at 19.5 on the 450/550.

I prefer no pass through - there ends up being more usable space in the living quarters.


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The biggest gripe when I had my F350 and Lance camper. Was everytime I wanted to come and go from the camper, you have to exit then re-enter the camper. It gets old fast. Much easier to be able to slide or crawl back when needed.

A few companies make quality super singles for F450-and ups. And yea. Be prepared for the hockey puck on ice ride quality/ bounce depending on weight and suspension etc


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Thanks for all the input. It does have a pass through from the cab and I have been debating some of the same concerns with length etc. I haven't decided what I will do yet but on holidays now taking my e350 out for a bit, maybe this will help me decide.