What would you replace your LR3/4 with ?


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BAT is a great idea for the Bronco, but they do take a bite out of the Sale proceeds and can be picky about what they accept. As an alternative, a well done, picture heavy eBay auction with detailed description could also work well. I have had good luck buying and selling vehicles on eBay.


So when I had my first LR3 in 2013 there was not very many aftermarket parts like Cats etc. Fast forward to my 2007 model and 2020 and there are a ton of parts.
My regular shop does the work and a good job. Cats installed with O2 under 1900 (non LR cats)
Other work I do myself. If I had a lift even more.
I have 167K on mine and regularly see ones with 250k+ for sale that meet all VA safety and emissions.

So I would replace my LR3 with a later LR3 and lower mileage or a V8 LR4 ( fixing known issue first).

What I am getting at is the LR3 is about as reliable as my 2003 Yukon with 150k on the clock and it starting to need a new trans, has some electrical issues and the 6.0 is consuming oil. Last repair bill was comparable to the LR3

So ya.....

Maybe a older defender next.
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