What would you replace your LR3/4 with ?


Hypothetical: say you're moving away from your LR specialist mechanic/dealer/whatever, and getting service/repairs in a less developed area on a Rover, while not impossible, would be a little more challenging.

Ever replace a Rover with something simpler, and maybe not as cushy, but as reliable? What would you drive instead? Domestic? (Jeep) or Toyota (LC, 4runner)? Something else that any mechanic can easily work on and not have to wait on parts?


Probably a Tahoe or Expedition, my neighbors have those and they are pretty nice. I have a lifelong adversion to Chrysler products so no Jeeps.
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What Jack said. If you’re buying a preowned car I feel like the Tahoe’s can be great deals. If you’re looking for something brand new, the new expeditions look pretty awesome.

I would say that there are more and more places that are able to do good work on Rover‘s. Especially the newer stuff. So if you’re staying with a newer Rover you should be able to still find someone that can help you work on it.

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definitely 4Runner. Dependable, capable, parts are at every autoparts store. (same as Tacoma )

land cruiser parts are not as easy to find as 4Runner, but it’s even more capable and equally reliable.


LR3/LR4 aren't THAT exotic anymore. Most shops could take care of them. Or, crack the workshop manual open yourself. I spent a couple years thinking the next repair would put me over the top and I'd need to get a 4Runner or something. But now that I've been doing all my own work, I can't see replacing my LR3 with anything. If/when nature or an accident finally take my LR3, I'd probably replace it with another one.


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LR3's really aren't THAT complicated or unreliable. Almost 99% of the issues have been documented somewhere and are easy to repair given the vast amount of knowledge out there. Even if you don't have a dedicated LR mechanic, an Indy shop with a competent individual will have no problem working on the vehicles. I'm a lawyer by trade, but even I have no issues working on my previous D2 or LR3. Furthermore, it's 2019...used parts are plentiful and cheap, and new parts really aren't that bad from Lucky8 or EBay and can be shipped to your doorstep in a handful of days. I've found that it's never been easier to own a Land Rover, given how much easier it is to find parts now as opposed to say 10 years ago.


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I do all of my own work so this isn't applicable to me. But...

If I had to move away from my LR3, I'd either consider a Toyota (GIANT ASTERISK IF THEY COME OUT WITH A NEW TRUCK NOT THE CURRENT 2009 ERA ONE) or a Wrangler.

...or a Defender. Hate me.


Thanks for the responses, I don't come here much only because I don't really need to.....either searching how to fix something or do mods. I daily my LR3 and other than adding some beefy tires, it's perfect for me as-is and it's been reliable enough. The only small gripe I have is the slightly higher cost of repairs (when I can't fix it). Fuel econo I don't care about too much because my commute is short.

So yes, I'm not afraid to work on anything, but there's a certain level of stuff I either don't have time for, nor have the tools, or the space. Can't have the car go down for anything more than a day or 2 for a repair, and if I did try to do everything myself, that would end up being more like a week+.

I know it isn't that difficult to find good service and parts just about everywhere, I'm just thinking about making things as stress free as possible for the foreseeable future. I might end up having a longer commute at some point, so there's that too. Then 15-18 mpg would really start to suck. Decisions, decisions.


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Range Rover owneer here but possibly a Jeep Grand Cherokee with air suspension if it had a warranty, a 4th gen V8 facelifted 4Runner (2006-2009), another Land Cruiser of some sort, maybe even a Porsche Cayenne.


It is pretty noticeable how the brand has changed in terms of mechanics willing to take on working on them. Anecdotal of course, but my local has had no issues with anything I've thrown at him (D1 or LR3),

However, a few years back with my D1 when I was overseas it had an axle seal leaking. Trying to get it inspected in the US while back for something and the mechanic that was close enough to the airport that I took it to said they wouldn't work on those 'early' Rovers b/c they were 'too complicated.'

So I promptly left, b/c if they think a D1 axle is complicated, we have issues.

These days I can take my LR3 pretty much anywhere if I don't have the time or inclination to do it myself and have some confidence that it will be done right and the people won't be intimidated. Which is ironic given the relative complexity of the truck. It does help how boringly reliable they are.

Which is why, even if I was far from a Rover mechanic, I'd still take my D3 with me. Which is more/less true as it relates to the little escape we bought in WV.


I don't know what I would replace it with. A D5 or a new Defender, most likely. Possibly an Expedition or Explorer. Has to be able to seat at least 6, has to be able to pull trailers, and has to be able to drive in all weather. I won't ever own another Chrysler after having two vehicles that liked to blow engine mounts while staying inside the rated capabilities... (2004 Pacifica, 2013 Durango). Always wanted a Wrangler, but used are more expensive than a used Land Rover in my neck of the woods. I have an Expedition XL as our family car/camper hauler, but it is too big for what I want to drive every day.