What would this sell for on the market?


What would this sell for on the open market. This truck is a 1999 FG short wheel base. These have no turbo are mechanical. Has 190000km and with no problems. A good candidate for an expedition truck?C7C113E7-B8A0-4ACC-802B-9C9F76AE9E02.jpeg773BBF36-9969-4E52-979D-10F4DD3D5986.jpeg3C57BBA2-08D4-488C-BA13-5CAC3BA6CB5C.jpeg
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Hey man.
I've been looking at getting into a over cab build myself.
From what I've read, I really want to get a turbo model, the N/A don't give you a lot of power/torque to get around.

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I'm thinking $7-9k (usd) but have seen similar at about $13k It is a cult vehicle after all.....Is that an aluminum bed? A bit crude but will save at least 5-600lbs over steel (mine was configured similarly but with steel/wood and weighs exactly 9500lbs). Some super singles w/ 37' tires will raise your top speed/lower your cruise rpm....keep your eyes out for a fresher motor to swap or turbo that one till it blows (lower end may not take a turbo for long)....stuff to check....If you decide not to get it, turn me on to it as I have a buddy that's looking for a work truck (contractor on military bases)......That takes 5 lug wheels....Earthcruiser had a whole shipping container full of 5 lug wheels sent to them a bit over a year ago by mistake....not sure of disposition...maybe a deal to be had?

....we've talked about those wheels before, I know... :) lol


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funny i saw that posting the other day, as I am raelly searching for a 2013 or newer FG4x4. These are mostly eastcoast. Anyone with info parts etc on FG4x4's please let me know