What to find a G-class for sale, USA?


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Where to find a G-class for sale, USA?

I was wondering if everyone could post links to places that may sell G-wagons in the USA, or perhaps even import places. I need to do a little looking.
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There's Craigslist and eBay, of course.

There are lots of "G Class" models (starting with 2002 when Mercedes took over distribution) listed on Autotrader.com. Prices are falling on these models to the point that they are almost affordable.

There are a few enthusiast web sites that list vehicles for sale: www.clubgwagen.com, www.benzworld.org

You might try http://www.pointedthree.com They have a MBZ truck and SUV forum, and a "for sale" forum. You have to create an account to use the web site.