What slide in camper to get?


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I couldn't find what I wanted either so ended up building my own.
Weight definitely creeps up, I am probably about 400-500lbs over what I wanted to be at.

If you're really concerned about the total weight be wary of the 'dry' weights listed by some manufacturers.

I hear some popups can be used with the top down which would be helpful in the winter. That's how I've designed mine.
I would much rather build my own and get exactly what I want, but I already have way too many projects.

Do you have a thread from any of your builds?

I think the Scout Kenai could serve you really well. We just took delivery of ours and the wet weight with jacks removed is 1750#. If you're not toting along a family and kids, you could skip the rooftop tent and save another couple hundreds pounds.

I think of the Scout as a mass-produced version of the products from Total Composites. It's well insulated and pretty minimalist/utilitarian. If I was to build out a TC shell I think I would have made a lot of the same design choices as Scout. There's a good discussion about Scout campers in this thread with a bunch of pictures and thoughts after taking delivery of ours at the end: https://expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/scout-olympic-vs-kenai.218045/
Thank you, I will take a look.

It is very simple to load/offload a camper, have you considered that option? Offload at your base camp and have an empty truck for tougher terrain?
Yes, and sometimes thats an option, but sometimes it's not. I can't count the number of times it's a bad section of road that's only a few hundred yards that get's you 20+ miles further to where you want to make a base camp out of to hike, fish, or hunt.

I just ordered a Host Cascade today. It meets all 7 items but is heavy. I ordered a Ram 5500 to carry it last week. It's big and comfortable and has a great bathroom for my wife. I flat tow a rubicon behind it for rough stuff. Or take the enclosed trailer with the RZR. Hatfield/McCoy is a lot of fun. Everybody travels differently. Good luck in your search. Maybe palomino HS2902??
I think we are looking for very different things. Walking into campers like that is crazy to me, so much stuff I don't need.

Regarding AC, you will need shore power or generator. I've never needed or used AC in the PNW on an RV. Small well insulated campers stay cool inside on hot summer days and there is not much thermal mass to cool down at night. The only use for it that I can see is if you plan to camp somewhere regularly where night air doesn't cool to below 75F.
Fair point, and the bolted on top AC units seem like a mess. I have always wondered why more campers don't have marine style AC systems.

Check Capri campers too. Specifically the cowboy. Fairly utilitarian
Thank you, those look more my speed. Any idea of their quality and construction?


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Yeah, it's tough to get through all the projects at times. Having no kids helps though...
I'll try to link it here, hopefully it works for you.

Thank you, those look more my speed. Any idea of their quality and construction?
I think the construction is pretty basic, Wood framed, baton insulation, aluminum siding. No frills, but I believe the price reflects that. Easy for a guy to repair it, if need be.