What should I offer for this Suburban?


there is a plus and a minus to low miles on such an old vehicle like that. plus is theres not very much wear and tear on the whole thing. minus is, things tend to dry up and cause more problems then its worth to fix, such as engine seals. Il almost promise you that you will be replacing those more then likely. Also, I never very much cared for that particular diesel engine in these things. With that being said the body does look to be in reasonable shape aside from the paint, and it is 4WD, which is always a big plus! I personally would offer 1500 for it, but would go as high as 2 if i had too...but its a judgement call on your part. If you like it and arnt affraid of the work, maybe it will be worth more to you. But around here you can pick up a reasonable burban in good running shape for under 800 bucks, i overpaid for mine at 1200. thats my 2 cents, hope it helps! Good luck!


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I would look at a few others and compare. For $2000 you might get something that doesn't need all the work. For $4000, you might get your dream rig. I agree that low miles is good, but not in every situation.


I may be skeptical, but it does not look like a 35,000 mile "church" Sub. And is that a Jaguar hood ornament?


I would doubt the 35K mile claim. The odometers in those particular trucks only had 5 digits, so it would roll over after 100K and start over at zero again. I had an '81 that I watched roll over a couple of times!

That being said, the 6.2L diesel engine is actually a pretty reliable platform. If it's a 3/4 ton, it probably has a TH400 auto tranny. A very good transmission, but no overdrive. You could expect probably 17 to 18 mpg with that rig at best. Still pretty good for a full size 3/4 ton 4WD SUV of that era.

I would offer $1500 max, but with the understanding that it will probably require lots of little misc things that could drive you nuts over the long run.



I'm always leary when someone clams incredibly low miles on a 5 digit ODO. If theres no records to back it up I always consider them true milage unkown.


yea like others said the 5 digit odo makes it hard to really tell if it has rolled over or not. It does look like a good deal though, it all depends on area. Ive been looking for a diesel burban that era for a while and there are none to be found within a few hundred miles. There was one a few months ago but it sold right away for around 4 and it wasnt in any better condition than the one your looking at. Curios to know if you got it though, if u did post some pics.