What kind of Land Cruiser is this?


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My fellow LC Expo'ers, help me out..

Like the title says. I dont think Ive seen a LC like this one in US before.

Also, I cant quite tell weather its diesel or not.

I might have a stab at it at a dealer auction.

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 8.56.39 AM.jpgScreen shot 2013-02-22 at 8.10.33 AM.jpgScreen shot 2013-02-22 at 8.10.44 AM.jpgScreen shot 2013-02-22 at 8.23.54 AM.jpgView attachment 146069
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Interesting. Maybe a superstorm Sandy victim?


PS: I think about a half-second of googling will tell you a thousand times more than you need to know about this vehicle, so I won't go there...

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1990-1996 FZJ78 would be my guess. 1FZ-FE ( or prehaps the carb'd version) engine.

I'd really like to buy that and smash it into my BJ74. I need more seats.


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This is a south american spec truck, not a diesel. Has a 1FZ-F, carbureted engine.... which gets 12mpg empty on a good day with a properly tuned carb.


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And the auction info says its an 84.... which means the engine means they're fudging it for importation or the engine is swapped in.


looks like a gasser indeed..wires and all.

if everything mechanical works and you dont have to replace,well everything, you could drop 2..maybe 3 k on it?

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Yeah, pass it to me. :sombrero: Seriously though, I would buy it depending on how high the bidding goes. If it goes for around 5 to 10K, and depending upon actual rust there, I'd buy it - then drive it till the doors fall off. Not too many LHD Troopies running around.
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