What kind of cloth to match the adventure motorcycles ?


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Driving by adventure motorcycles is cool and convinent,so i need one kind of cloth that can waterproof,ventilate,etc.So how do u choose?Give me some suggestions,thanks!


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I use heavier material hiking rain jackets and pants for rain gear. Heavier than the ultra light stuff that just tear in the wind. In warm weather I don't bother with rain gear. I just get wet.


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I use a mesh Joe Rocket jacked and when it rains I use a vinyl Coleman rain suite from Wal Mart.


How deep is your wallet and how extreme are your temperature swings? The Klim gear and similar from Dainese, Rev'It, etc. are very nice, but the suits are too expensive for many at well over $1000. My First Gear Kathmandu suit has been good in a variety of Alaskan weather, and was a little less money then the full-on upper end outfits. When I lived in Florida, my go to was a Joe Rocket mesh jacket and some Frogs Toggs rain gear. The rain gear only came out for a heavy down pour. With a light rain I'd be dry 15 minutes after it stopped.



For what it is worth. Klim is light years above stuff like Revit. BMW gear is excellent. Klim is better. Revit is ok. First gear works if that is what you can afford. I prefer gore tex outer shell material. Downside is that it does not breath as well as gore tex liner stuff in the warm. Good side is that the whole unit stays dry. The liner units outer shell absorbs unreasonable amounts of water. If money is an issue I would wait and buy used Klim gear before ever buying revit or first gear.
Yes I have owned and worn all of these. YMMV


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I have almost 250,000 miles on a 12 year old Darien and it's still works as good as new !!.
You get what you pay for with riding gear !!!

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I used a Darien set until I wore it slap out after 8-9 years of use. I then went looking for a new set and ended up with the Klim Badlands set. Could not have been happier. I wanted something a little more modern, more functional, more pockets and options.


Klim would be my second choice,I'm a old fashioned guy and like the simplicity of the stitch

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