What is your favorite Moped, and why?


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What: 1969 Vespa Primavera, red with white polkadots.
Why: Because it is the correct answer.
The 1969 Vespa Primavera is not a moped- it has no pedals, for starters. The word "moped" means MOtor and PEDal.

In addition to that, it's engine is over 50cc, it's over two horsepower, and it's top speed is over 30 mph. Depending on what state you're in, it may be defined as a Motor Scooter, but most states are going to classify it as a Motorcycle. Either way, it's going to require a Motorcycle driver's license, Motorcycle insurance, and registration with license plate...

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No worries. It can be complicated. Especially when the federal government recognizes "e-bikes" (of certain wattages and speeds) as separate classes of vehicles, yet many states do not.
We are lucky in Canada. The bikes I see with 50CC engine on the trails has dropped to zero as more places adopt the law that was enacted in 2000. The law says an E-bike has to be pedal assist and max 500w / 20mph.