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Hi All! My name is Nick Semione and I own What If Survival. We are a first aid and survival company geared to the outdoor community, specifically the offroading and shooting communities.

I would like to introduce you all to the First Aid Response Kit , which is not your average first aid kit. As an EMT I became frustrated with the lack of quality, cost effective first aid kits that could actually save a life. You usually see cheap $20 first aid kits that you buy from a big box store and are only meant for minor cuts and scrapes, or ridiculously expensive military style IFAKs (individual first aid kits) that handle massive trauma. I took these two basic types of kits and greatly improved them using my experience as an EMT, input from Special Forces Medics, Fire Fighters and Paramedics as well as using evidence based medicine to select some of the products in the kit.

Our kit is made out of 600 denier nylon and has a velcro mounting panel which is able to be strapped to different areas (my favorite is headrest) , hung from 2 d-rings, or mounted to molle webbing and then separated from said panel when you need to deploy it quickly. We have 3 colors options: tan, black and olive green. On the front of the kit we have mounted 3 easily accessible items: A TCCC approved tourniquet called The SOFFT-Wide, a pair of Trauma Shears and a Window Punch/Seatbelt Cutter. There are two versions of the First Aid Response Kit, The Premium (105 pieces), and the Basic (104 pieces).

We currently have a special on our First Aid Response Kits, 10 % OFF when you use the code: expportal . Please visit us at: https://whatifsurvival.com/shop?olsPage=products/first-aid-response-kit

Also check out our review from Tread Magazine: What if Survival - TREAD Magazine

Thank you for your time and I can't wait to cruise the forums and learn more. I am currently in the market for a GX470 and can't wait to purchase one and start building it up.

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I really like how compact it looks! What are the expiration dates like on the items that have a "use by date". Example, are we needing to replace 50% of the kit every 6 months or 12 months, etc ... I'm currently looking for just traume shears. These reviews seem to be helpful https://productadvisor.com/best/trauma-shears/ .
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