What do you use for a truck gun?


Further to Mr. Conroy's comment, I'm pleasantly surprised how many responses in this thread are old school all steel weapons like pump shotties & lever guns! Nothing wrong with a good metal pistol either, though I do prefer mine to be a high capacity 9mm CZ75 over a 1911


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Haven’t bought it yet cause it’s not available yet, but I’m strongly considering getting this new model from KelTec to add to my KT collection (yeah, yeah, I know there are lots of KT haters out there so some’ll probably chime in to rip this folder now, but, to each his own...)

What’ s not to like? 9mm or 10, built in suppressed barrel, folding stock, compact size to keep in your truck, can use Glock and other pistol mags, don’t need an SBR stamp...but it is a bit pricey for a KelTec.

And, in 10mm, this might be a real fun wild piggy killer!

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IMHO the KelTec sub 2000 is a purpose built truck gun or "tool". I went with a 9mm, because it is fun to shoot without breaking the bank and it has decent impact energy. Any pistol caliber ballistics are going to increase when pushed through a longer barrel. Compared to 9mm pistols velocities in the sub 2000 increase by about 20% - 28%, and that translates to a big increase in impact energies of 44% - 63%. That means this low-recoil rifle, when loaded properly with an extended magazine and fired at 100 yard distances, hits like a .357 Mag. with greater accuracy, 30 times before it needs to be reloaded. Yep, that should do the trick.





Alien gear had some pretty cool velcro holster mounts when I was browsing the other day. I can totally see mounting one under the seat or dash to hold ccw in easy reach while driving.
I've had a lot of luck with the magnet holsters. I use one in my pickup and I have never, even in the most bumpy conditions, come off. Really nice.
Does this give anyone ideas?

I wonder how many are still in the seat pan, versus how many have gone out the front gate in the trunk of some airman’s car.

Having carried the M14 and M16 in Vietnam, I have no need for a weapon like that.


I use my LMT M4 carbine for my daily truck gun. My Marlin 336 30-30 goes with if I'm by myself cruising around through the grasslands or sand hills.


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I know this will probably be an unpopular answer but I carry a Glock 17 fitted into a Kpos kit with an arm brace, light, back up irons, and a cheap but reliable red dot. It's folds up and fits very nicely into a very small backpack that I also keep a couple spare mags along with an emergency medical kit. It's the whole package is light and the kit will moderately increase my accuracy at distance, hit at 50 yards with boring regularity, and greatly increase my speed on target. It's a handy little package that works nicely with the Glock 19 that I always have on my hip. If I'm hiking in the woods or in a public place that will allow my to carry a backpack with people looking at me funny, I can throw it on my back and take it with me. If I have to leave it in the vehicle, it's gets stashed in the trunk when I leave the vehicle. Would I like an AR pistol? Of course, and I have tried it. The extra weight and bulk along with the muzzle blast of potentially Being fired inside a vehicle with no ear pro on make me reconsider. Plus, if given the option of which one I'd rather have stolen, I'd much rather lose the Kpos than the AR. Just my two cents.

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I don't think the glock made into a PDW is a bad route at all-I tried it with RONI but it just didn't feel right-I liked it, but not as much as I've grown fond of the AR pistol(s) in my life.