What do you use for a truck gun?

Scott Brady

The more firearms training I get, the more I tend to lean on the carbine for solving problems (furry and felon). The only real advantage to a pistol is size and concealability/packability, but quick access to a rifle makes a lot more sense for camp defense, hunting, survival, StuffHTF, etc.

I have been working with a few 5.56 platform and also few others. In the G, I have been carrying the HK 93 with a few mags in a bandolier. The A3 paratrooper stock makes it extremely compact for storage. Fun to shoot too.

Here is the 93 in a Big Sky rack in the G-Class. Easy to access and reasonably secure (it locks).

Finding a few limitations with the 93, I worked on a Daniel Defense DD M4 V11 (also in 5.56) with a few items I thought would enhance the 'truck gun' concept. First, it is grey, which is a little less 'frighten the hiker black gun', it also has a Law Tactical folding stock, which significantly shortens the overall package and allows the rifle to fit under my seat. The one real downside to the folder is that only one round can be fired before the stock needs to be folded straight and the weapon charged. For distance (think hunting, etc.) I installed a NightForce 1-4 optic and co witnessed with a front sight (not shown in this image). It is a 14.5" barrel, so super short and no NFA. The Silencerco break works with our cans. https://danieldefense.com/daniel-defense-m4-carbine-v11-tornado.html

I ran the M4 hard in a week long training session at Gunsite (The Evolution of Shooting program) with Chief White (SEAL Team 6 Chief) and was impressed with the reliability and accuracy. This gun RUNS!

In addition to the carbines, I have been working on the idea of a sub for the truck as I have an HK SP89K with an SBR tax stamp in process. Fit the right optic and stock, this could be a super compact truck gun / ditch bag option.

Of course, I will need a port in my windshield ;)

Of course, I could just do like I did in South Sudan a few months ago and run the AK ...

What are you guys running? (don't worry, you can blur your license plates and put a black bar over your eyes, fully DEVGRU styley) ;)


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G-wagons, HK's, tricked out DD, travels to Africa- I'm feeling very plebeian. :drool:

Honestly, it depends on where I'm going and what I'm planning to do but I generally don't leave a long gun in the Tacoma as there is no good way to secure it. The last couple of times I've gone out west it was a 16" Rossi in .357.
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The .357 with good loads in a 16" barrel gets a solid boost in velocity over a revolver, usually in the 4-600fps range. Surprisingly, this is enough to put it in the lower to middle 30-30 range when shooting 158gr to 180gr rounds. My grandfather carried one, and usually a Colt Trooper, in his camper when he was still alive and traveling the US. There aren't any draconian restricions on lever guns yet and the Rossi is actually a good little gun with a little work i.e. stevesgunz.com (no affiliation, just a satisfied customer). Make sure you inspect it first if possible as quality control can be a bit frustrating but mine feeds everything I've tried in it and is smooth with just a touch of work. Accuracy to 100yrds is fine for an iron sighted gun, scope mounts are available and some folks add glass or red dots; I've even seen them with the mag tube shortened a hair and the barrel threaded and also converted to take down models. They've available in .44, .45 and .454 as well.

I'll admit to carrying an AR or AK on occasion too.


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I love a CZ 527 in .223, load up a good load like a Barns TTSX in 55 grain, you can take down just about any critter except for the largest, CZ makes a really nice rifle for what you pay for, they are lightweight (I think you can get a different contour barrel to give it some stability), toss just about any decent 3x9x40 scope on top of it and you will have a great rig.


Besides the Glock 19 or Glock 43 I am ALWAYS carrying.
Depends on the destination.
In state and lower theft risk (camping, etc) I pack along a YHM suppressed LMT 10.5" AR with an Aimpoint T1
Traveling out of state it is either my 3gun rifle, 16" noveske/troy/JP/PWS AR with Leupold 1.5-5. Or, a iron sight bare bones rock river arms 16" M4 style.
In lockable enclosure.


I generally have a Ruger Red Label 12 ga. behind the back seat of my crew cab. There are few close-range problems that a load of double-ought won't fix, and TWO loads of double-ought take care of most of those. My dad prefers a Stevens 223./20 ga. combo over and under. He likes the rifle option for coyotes. I figure if I coyote stays out of shotgun range he's not really a problem.


I just run a pistol or two... :)
2016-06-28 19.29.05.jpg
The one on the left was really built as a truck gun by the way I define it; i.e. something short & handy, fairly easy to make discreet, and inexpensive enough that if something bad happened (either stolen or if it were seized/detained) it wouldn't be thousands of dollars gone. It's just a budget AR pistol build; MAS defense 7.5" upper, Spike's Lower, shockwave brace, running irons and the Mepro RDS w/a WML on it.

The one on the right was the primary toss in the truck gun prior to the budget build, she's less 'budget'. LMT MK18 upper, BCM lower, shockwave brace, running a TA01 on top and just a 6P in a haley mount.

The other pistol in the picture also comes with, that's a G19 w/a surefire.

For me the frequent back and forth between VA and WV makes the pistol config for the best-can be carried under the CCW (loaded) but still gives long gun like capability and while the ballistics suffer 77gr MK262 in the mags helps offset the worst if it. The other reason why I stay evil and black is muscle memory....


Eye relief and such def makes it not nearly as comfortable as a nice SOPMOD but it will still reach out ok.

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A truck gun is generally a POS that you don't care about getting rusty or stolen. I carried Russian Tokarev pistols for years because it kills thru a windshield or car door and is cheap. If a thief or drunk grabs it then it takes them time and firearm understanding to operate it. Case, clip, rack it and safety all before they can even target you as you run out of the swimming hole. My ashtray or pocket gun was a North American Arms .22. It was so tiny and hard to shoot that it probably could not be used against me. It was in my ashtray and not noticed by a guy that stole the keys out of the ignition. His buddy never saw it and stabbed me. The tiny unoticed NAA was perfect.
The gun freak in me likes your gun, the way you mount it and the combat training. The guy that's been in street fights and gun altercations says no. If a criminal, cop or any guy that takes the sight of a gun as a threat sees it, you may drop. Instead of a car jacking, they drag your body out of the way before the vehicle rolls away. You may think it's a deterrent. Tell that to the high and drunk illegal that wants your expensive rifle. Trust me. He has the mindset and experiance of getting everthing he wants. For times you feel better with a long gun then throw a beater like an AK on the floor behind your seats. The rest of the time keep another stupid simple gun like a revolver that's easy to use with your hand blown off or for the family to use while you bleed out. They will try and might succeed at shooting me first so a gun easy for the hysterical passenger to use is best.


Just a glock 42 in the truck at all times. Rifle has a folding stock, but I couldn't imagine leaving that expensive of a weapon in the truck at all times.


Truck gun - lock box under rear seat in crew cab

Marlin 336Y in 30-30
Mavrick 88 20" 12 ga

Also keep a Springfield XD9 in the console in a locking mounter holster.

When it gets to hunting season I swap out to an 870 w plug and a full size 30-30 so I can hunt with clients when traveling.


Truck gun....

12 GA. Coach gun with several types of loads for different situations.. animal or social, built up or non built up areas... I think you get the picture.:sombrero: mjmcdowell