What Do You Dislike About Your JK

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Stuck in the garage.

I'm disappointed in how awesome it is. Best vehicle purchase to date. If it wasn't so awesome, it wouldn't bother me that it doesn't get used.
Seven months, 1,600 miles, pretty much all road just to break it in, keep the battery charged and fluids circulated. :(
The only thing I've managed to do is a few farm implement & vehicle extractions (love the winch too).
Why oh why does it have to be so awesome, when life should be all about work, work, work (according to the company who owns me).
Jeeps should be illegal in the U.S. We should all be forced to drive the peoples car (aka Prius). Then everyone would be equally miserable. :elkgrin:
OK, so obviously I love the Jeep. It is better than I expected it to be after having done a lot of research. Will be interesting to see how the next generation improves on this one.
Now if I could just finagle some vacation time... :smiley_drive: ... :drool:
Comrade, prius no make good peoples car, must cost more to operate be bad for us and cost much more to buy. A good peoples car should be built like tank and be uglier than Central Committee member's daughter. The Jeep KK Liberty would make good peoples car. This thread must have been idea of the Central Committee, design good peoples car, take all member do not like about JK and put that on the new liberty. Call new peoples car the Kamchatka.
Started collecting parts today to fix front axle tube strength! Have rcv axles for a dynatrac pro rock 44 and the gear set. The local off-road shop will have my pro rock in the first week of Jan.


Love mine (2014 JKU Sport), BUT...

* The headlights are ridiculous, and for the purchase price, I shouldn't have to upgrade something so simple. I don't view that as a charming idiosyncrasy. I view it as a hazard.

* Either MPG or towing/payload should be higher. I know it is a brick on wheels, but for the fuel consumed/vehicle design, I should be able to tow 5,000 lbs. I say that knowing that any listed tow weight is already optimistic if you live in the mountains as I do. With 120 more horsepower, it is rated to tow just 1,000 pounds more than our 2006 Subie Outback. That's just sad. Would like a small pop up trailer as a family option, but it will be pushing things here with a full load. No matter when used as a "Jeep", but ours is a DD/Rec vehicle so a bit of versatility would be nice.

Those are the two biggies. Everything else is minor. Would be nice if there was some insulation in the top for us daily drivers. Yes, I can add that on, but JKUs aren't economy priced so not having to drop a couple hundred on pads and then install them doesn't seem like much to ask.


Really happy with mine...it's a better rig than I thought it would be. No leaks, headlights seem ok to me, power is fine, MPG's are decent...I could go on. I have plans for it but it will be a slow build.

- I'd like to see a different color interior. Black is tough to keep clean.

- I wish there was a door lock button on the tailgate. I don't have power locks and a simple lock button should be standard.

- Not real fond of the wheels on the Willy.


I dislike the fact that I can remove the doors and top on a whim... it makes the eight months of crap weather here that much more painful.

My two real frustrations are:
1. I wish there were better places to install aftermarket electronics in and around the dash on the newer interior.

2. The carpets should have been better thought out material-wise. My carpets were soaked before I had ever had the chance to remove the doors or top. I solved the problem by tossing the carpets, but I shouldn't have had to.

Knowing these things I would still buy another one without reservation. It has a few features I never expected and is without a quite a few that I couldn't give two sh!ts about, especially in my Sport S. Sometimes I find myself wishing I had this or that option in it until I take it camping/fishing/wheeling and then I am reminded why I am so thankful I chose the model and trim line I did.


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Recently brought a home '15 JK sport, black soft top. Loving it so far mechanically at 600 miles or so, but the interior design seems not to well thought out. The steering wheel has radio buttons on the backside at about 9:45a.m. to 10:00a where I usually grip the wheel with my left hand, channels constantly flying around. I am learning to deal with this, but, annoying. Another annoyance, shifting into 6th gear bangs into the coffee thermos in the larger console hole in front, but hey, how often do JK drivers use 6th gear. I'll get a smaller diameter thermos but the loss of caffeine may be an issue.

Other than that, love my JK sport

Lucky j

I will preface by saying I love my Jeep.


1. Payload. No two ways about it. It sucks.

2. Factory door hinges. Aluminum against steel with nothing in between = corrosion. Eventually this will happen on every. Single. JK. My 2012 is already showing bubbling on the hinges.

3. This opinion will likely not be popular. I wish it had regular doors, and a regular integrated roof with proper insulation and sound deadening materials.

4. Jeep could easily have made a shelf in the rear cargo area to assist with space usage. They decided not to, making the trunk much less useful until a shelf is installed.

5. No heated steering wheel option. I live in Canada and I hate the cold.

Haters can stand down. Yes I know I bought a Jeep, and I knew what I was getting when I purchased it. I still have no regrets. For what I wanted, it was the best north American option available. That doesn't mean it is perfect.

Edit: Headlights also suck.
Ok, here I go
I do not own a JK but I have had the same wrangler gor 20 years and use it summer and winter. But now,I 'm getting a LJ. Later maybe a Jk, but way later.

1- so to me, the payload is perfect. If I wanted a pick-up truck, then I wouls have...
3- I would hate a wrangler with regular doors and integrated steel top. To me if a wrangler gets that, I will look for someting else. And a hard shelf is a pain to move and take off to put someting that is to large for the limiting space of a hard shelf. Even a soft roll cover is a pain.

4-and I never had any issues with the noise level of the fiberglass top.

5- I also live in canada, and when it cold enough to need a heated stering wheel, it is cold enough to put gloves on until the habitat is warm, but I vould get used to heated seats. I do not hope for a wrangler to become that much luxurious. I like my wranglers to be able to be rained in as well as outside.

I will have to get used to the car like features of the LJ vs the YJ. Fabric seats insted of crappy but easy to clean and dry fake leather seats! Pfff!
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Just FYI, for the Rubicon T case, Teraflex has a 2-Lo kit.
Well, I knew I was going to to be modding the Jeep heavily and so I did not buy a Rubicon. A regear, lockers, and possibly a new front axle are in the plans for next May or so. If a new axle is installed it will have manual locking hubs.


I bought my 2015 JKU-s with the idea it was the closest i could get to a new defender in the US.
It's a low option truck, Auto, Bluetooth (had it), Max Tow with 3.73, and a hard top. It already had everything i was looking for.. Electric windows, A/C and a radio.

After driving a Defender 90 for 6 years as a daily driver, I'm good with what the jeep offers for the price.

Would i have bought a New defender if possible (and roughly the same price point ~$30k) .... yep


I dislike:

  • How hard it is to install a strong roof rack.
  • How much of the interior is hard plastic.
  • How fast the stock leather wears.
  • The lack of front mudflap, which creates the gross door handles.
  • The sharp nub on the end of the blinker stalk.
  • The factory Nav not dimming when it's set on auto dim.
  • Lack of a center locker. I like the part time system but I wish you could drive in 4hi unlocked for snow and rain. The 300 days of oil and no no rain in LA makes the streets very slick when it does finally rain.
  • The random hardware sizes.
  • Lack of a sunroof and lack of pop out third row windows. The freedom panels aren't easy enough to use to replace the functionality of a power sunroof. That being said, the freedom panels off is a lot better than a sunroof.
  • Payload, the Unlimited can't actually handle 4 passengers and luggage. It doesn't seem like it would take much reengineering to provide another 500lbs of payload. Unloaded the stock rubicon suspension is pretty good. But loaded it becomes unstable and a bit dangerous. The roll center seems off and the front end dives excessively under braking.
  • The stock wheel back spacing. 10.5" is a pretty narrow truck tire, I wish the wheels allowed for more tire width options.
  • The shape of the roll bar in the JKU. A squared rear would create much more usable cargo room.
  • The quality of the hardware. A lot of it doesn't seem like automotive grade.
  • The thin sheet metal. It might be because of the flat bodypanels, but I don't like feeling the door concave when I'm washing it.
  • The thin paint. The paint seems to rub off very easily. I wish they'd quadrupled the coats of paint like Toyota does on the Land Cruisers.
  • My biggest complaint is how much hangs below the frame rails. For a rock crawling designed truck, they should have engineered it with a flat underside like the G-wagen. I'd have gladly traded a flush underside for non fold flat seats.

Now where's the thread for the things I do like?
My current rig is my 5th Jeep. I have to say they have come a long ways. Overall I love my Jeep. If I were to 'dislike' anything, it would be that after all this time, the roofs still leak (figured that Jeep would have figured this out by now) and I would love to see a true D44 out front. Otherwise, I absolutely love it!
I did have quite a few issues with my 2013 last year (3 water pumps, pinion seal, front drive shaft) that were replaced under warranty. No engine issues so far with the 2014, but I have already had an axle shaft failure after only 7000 miles. I hope that doesn't turn into an issue! Still way more reliable than the Land Rover Disco that I had, along with better power and better fuel economy!


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Interesting how many people bought a jk only to buy another < 5 years later.

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