What did you do to your Mitsubishi today?

Michael Brown

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So I try to do the right thing and order A new Aisin hydraulic tensioner. Cool right?
Of the dozen orders I've received from Rockauto over the past year,,
This is the first one that was wrong. rrrr!
A week to receive,, A week returning,, and another week for the proper part(Oct. 9) to arrive. Man!! It never ends.

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Pretty much all shipping routes are in chaos right now. They have to follow new paths in case they need virus contact tracking and many employees are working from home or quarantined.

Some stuff I get in 2 days. Others take a few weeks. I haven't had an issue with RockAuto yet, though.


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So,, after removing the plastic bumper facade bs, I knew I had to do something with the big ugly washer bottle.. removed it also, but still needing a washer.
I searched the local parts yards for a candidate🙏.
Thankfully the second one I bought home was a great fit for" Spot ". Mounted it on the Driver side behind the battery, rerouted the tubing and extended the wiring 😁.
2.55 Liters of blue juice, 💙works like a charm👍.
Got it from a 96 Dodge Dakota p/u v6. FYI.



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I'm working on adapting a JK Bumper to "Spot". Likely going to DIY cause welder/fab is insanely expensive 🤦‍♂️. A Local shop estimate for mounts only was $825!
Got this DV8 FS-6 Bumper for $250. Perfect condition.

I quit even entertaining mounting Jeep bumpers to Monteros, the Sport will be a slight bit easier because they're more similar to the Jeep mounting. That said they are drastically different shape, Jeeps are flat across the front and Montys are curved and Jeep bumpers are typically narrower than Monteros. It's a crazy amount of labor to fit one to a Montero nicely and with strength to pull from, I'd say $825 probably wouldn't have covered the complete cost of doing it right and they would have had to cut a lot of corners to avoid loosing money and you wouldn't have been happy with the results. At least DiY'ing it you'll get to learn a bunch of useful stuff (fine tune skills you already have) and be able to use that knowledge on future projects like sliders and a rear bumper. Curious to see how it turns out on a Sport.


I did the usual Fixes today. Headlight bulbs, the front 4wd clutch solenoids, replaced my non venting gas cap, and started on replacing the rear window regulator motor.


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In the past 4 months, what have I done for my Mitsubishi? In December, a week after thieves burglarized my garage and house, taking most of my hand tools, all my power tools, air compressor, and violating Pearl...my Mighty Max...I removed the remainder of my tools and Pearl from California.

Pearl now has a shop shared with bicycles and cast iron cookware restorations. I'm in-line to get a front Detroit locker to accompany my rear Detroit locker, and possibly attain nirvana with the only dual Detroit Mitsubishi? Who knows for sure, no one in my circles.



A very sad situation... sorry to hear about the loss of so many tools!

Twin Detroit Locked! This will be a weapon on the tracks!

New tires! 265/75r16 Firestone Destination at2, sl rated. Chose these because they’re the lightest weight AT tire by far compared to any other brand. Sl rating, glad I didn’t go with an E rating after driving on these, they’re smooth and quiet. 95% of my driving is on the highway on my way to a camping spot. If I end up popping tires, I’ll upgrade to an e rated Firestone. B0036038-5DDF-422F-A48A-9D5F6ACDC19A.jpeg99DFB6CB-682F-41AB-9A56-0AFA5AC94F30.jpeg