What did you do to your Mitsubishi today?


I overhauled the top end of my 2006 Montero back in 2017 and went with these lash adjusters.

Thanks for that tip AJ👍,
I'm watching those now.
Still available, and ships from Tucson Az. Love the $$.


Well, , yesterday I attended to several items on the
Monty Sport project.
The engine assembly is moving forward with the remaining components going on as planned. I did a compression check to confirm/ compare my original numbers prior to disassembly.
All are pushing 130psi,
but this is with no oil pressure to inflate the lifters.
Here's my issue. After several sessions of compression checks
The engine has failed to get oil pressure! I have a manual gauge attached to the sender outlet for positive results but nothing indicates any pressure... Naturally I'm hesitant to continue without some pressure, I definitely don't want to Fry any bearings on the heads or bottom end.
1) Is there a trick to get the oil pump to prime? ? And yes, there is oil in the crankcase.

2) How does one determine if you have a LSD (limited slip differential) in your vehicle?
The paper tag on my rear diff says/ has a " barcode/ L16/ 4.900/ # 82. 02. 05. 10. 23.
I got the 4.900, gear ratio but the remaining are questionable.
Thanks for your time and replies. PaydayGabe in beautiful Boulder City Nv.


This past weekend I wrapped up the top end/ timing/water pump etc, service on my Monty Sport. It sounds like a fine sewing machine 😁. And amazingly everything else is working. With only 149+k on the bottom, , it should be good for another 100k hopefully 🙏🤞.
Next week,, off to the smog station, then the DMV🤦‍♂️.
After the holiday season I'm gonna focus on the drive train/ brakes. Generally the Rig is in good condition but my OCD 😆makes me need it better than good.
I'm not looking for a "show truck" ,,
but I must have a "reliable go truck".
🍻 Cheers, G. In beautiful Boulder City Nv.


I'm glad this project is coming to fruition, ,
although. I keep looking for other things to attend to before I register and start driving it.
I removed the hood (bonnet) for a flat black spray through the center area. Leaving the Silver sides to be the accents,
tapering down to the grill.
It's a go truck, not a show truck so reliability and function supersede anything pretty...
I was thinking about the rack assembly I'm going to put on top.
I've have decided on a Yakima/Thule style cargo box for the bulk of the lightweight items. This requires cross bars on the factory rails. Naturally,, being the "frugal" builder that I am, after a while it dawned on me. Hey fool,
what about those side steps you remove???
🤔hmm.🤔 Yes...
I grabbed them up, threw them on the rails and
💥bam. That will definitely work😁. I centered them on the rails, got a center line and out came the grinder. I removed all the mounting tabs and cut them to 42" so they wouldn't extend too much yet allow enough to fasten them to the existing rails.
Very effective👍, and FREE!
So, some Unbolt and a can of truck bed spray and that will be that..🍻.

I'll check in periodically with updates asap.. G, in BCNV. 😆👈

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Rolled my 95 LS last week20191125_192503 (2).jpg20191125_191119.jpg

Someone cut me off then ran me into soft median, tire dug in tossed me into roll. Roof rack pushed back when it tried to roll onto roof, saved me from rolling into oncoming upside down so thats nice. I'll update my build thread with more pics of damage
bought this 2 days ago


Rolled my 95 LS last week

Someone cut me off then ran me into soft median, tire dug in tossed me into roll. Roof rack pushed back when it tried to roll onto roof, saved me from rolling into oncoming upside down so thats nice. I'll update my build thread with more pics of damage
bought this 2 days ago
Glad to hear you are okay, that's the main thing, everything else can be replaced... nevermind you did that already lol


🤦‍♂️Glad your ok👍.
Shame about the Monty, but now onto another project.

I took my Sport out for it's maiden drive this evening. Just a 20 mile loop to get a feel for it and see how it runs since the top end overhaul. Well, , effortless is a good word. Held 70mph on cruise, trans did the proper kick down, no overheating.
Everything is working 👍, , other than the annoying SES light. Stopped by AutoZone for a quick scan. Various O2 codes and 1 EGR. 😖 Doooh. 😁
Gotta get those resolved before smog/Registration.
Further updates pending . G.


Yesterday took the Monty to DMV. Got a 30day temp movement permit. My smog test results👎failed.
P0137 / P0141 / P0155🤦‍♂️. 02 Sensors.
With volt meter in hand I dove in to check voltage on each circuit. These are 4wire sensors. Naturally, one wire is a ground.
The remaining three all show 1@12v , and the remaining 2 @ 0.6/ 0.8v.
I'm reluctant to just bite the bullet and get 4 new sensors. I can get 4 Denso sensors from RockAuto from around $170.
Not crazy expensive,, but reluctant. Further research/ report pending. G.👍


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Replaced T-1 bulbs and cleaned/greased contacts in my rocker switches. Now I know when my rear defogger shuts of...

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