What did you do to your Mitsubishi today?


Did you do the paint pro-style or is it a project suitable for amateurs?
Its an amateur job, but came out pretty nice. i couldve done the paint gun in booth method with mixing and all as i have the supplies, but i bought this because im tired of having something with a nice/complicated job. This was just like 6 cans of rustoleum in desert satin and a few cans of gloss white, all done outside, not a perfect job but zebra striping isnt that noticeable. and i can touch it up easily with a can. rocker and trim are in plasti dip which im usually not a fan of but i like the rubberized texture there.


Overlanding Nurse
Yeah, looks great. Mine sports ever more desert pinstriping and a paint job is in its future. Thanks for the inspiration!


Looking for that thing i just had in my hand...
Slapped the Toyo's on the '82 and gave it a little drive, need to finish the body work on the bed, make a front bumper and buy it a battery. Should be ready to wheel next weekend!



Doing the final bits of maintenance on my car before a sedona trip - installing my ham radio finally (magnetic antenna for now, eventually will go for a rear mount), replacing front axles as the cv boots are just done for, flushing radiator & having a general check of my cooling system as I had an overheating issue last off roading trip and getting a fan shroud installed to help with this.

This should hopefully tide me over for the next few months, been a bit expensive as of late. :)


New springs in the back, after mine had gone saggy and rather bouncy after not much time. You can lift the SWB by putting HD LWB springs into it. Drives brilliantly now, not as much rattling, bouncing and diving from the rear, got the dragster lean back too



Got my '03 back from my mechanic, axles swapped, radiator flushed and hoses replaced and fan shroud installed. Will post some pics soon.