What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?


Bought my wife her own Jeep! Now I will have a two door to work on when I finish the four door. We had a ton of snow here this winter and this is what she wanted so who am I to complain. Mine is the Black one behind hers. Hers is 2013 mine in a 2007. Now if I can just find a way to swap the motors when she is out of town it would be perfect!

The old Waggy was starting to leak all over my driveway so I resealed the WHOLE engine.
Also replaced the timing cover, new oil pump from Bulltear, new Edelbrock Performer manifold, ARP Intake bolts, new Holley 670 Truck avenger, 6AN fittings and steel braided lines, new Robert Shaw 180 Thermostat, new water pump, New 2400CFM electric fan, Painless wiring thermostat-relay for fan, new power steering pump and hoses, new areoquip push-on heater hoses and fittings.

Let me see did I forget anything?

I still have to button up the lower end of the engine, mount the pulley's, and plumb it but heck it's kinda shiny now!:safari-rig:



Decided that off roading wasn't for me, so I am converting my LJ to 2wd.

Seriously, only kidding. The upper control arms bushings were toast. Went to go replace them and the bushings are rusted/fused to the housing so I'm going to take it to a shop and have them just weld in Currie JJ's.


Hey Brian - did you notice any benefit from adding the drag link, or just good peace of mind with a beefier component?


I have the same setup minus the drag link. It's tons better than stock. Just wondering if the drag link made a noticeable difference.
Installed a hitch receiver on my JKU. A new vehicle is so nice. Plug and play is outstanding. Took me <30 mins with me running around trying to find tools. (Half are in storage, half are in the 4runner at my parents, half are lost from my daughters hiding them)


Had the tabs welded on the bull bar for the lights. And had the mirror tabs welded on to my A pillar armor. Also replaced my leaking oil pan. Only a couple more things to do before my vacation starts on Tuesday.


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