What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?


finally tore out the wet muddy carpet, smelled like a dirty sewer fed swamp >.< letting it all bake in the nice AZ oven (aka drive way) sprayed out the engine bay, if you ever get washed down stream in a wash, expect about 500lbs of debris to sneak in every nook and cranny. already pulled out a trash can full of twigs.


Not trying to discount your 10lb, but Kidde makes a 2Liter Foam extinguisher that is rated 8A 70B, a 10lb ABC is 4A, 80B,C. Granted you don't get the electrical coverage, you also don't get the corrosive effects. It's a much smaller footprint and better performance for Class A and near same performance for Class B. Just food for thought when your 10lb runs out.

I have never needed my extinguiser for myself. But I have saved others with it 3 times.......always nice to have one handy...nice having a 10 lb too rather then those wimpy kitchen models. :(

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Installed a set of Dirt Bagz for the JK.

Have 3 tool rolls in that bag and still have room. Install was a PITA for a few minutes till I tool some small pieces of 1/2" hard rubber and blocked up the top so I could line up the tag ends of the bags to mount. After that it was a breeze, just took a while for my brain to work out a solution. First time i had the top "off", a whopping 1/2" :bike_rider:



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:sombrero: Mud flaps-

Just allows mud/snow to get on the backl fender, not the body !

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no kidding... right? Unfortunately I forced myself to take the weekend to recover. Spent 4 days in the field last week and no sleep for the last 47+/- hours. Guess I'm getting old since my back has been screaming at me due to the gear. That's never happened before. :( So I've stayed home and been cleaning house, trying to organize and plot the jeep herds next moves. Did get a few things in the mail though... ;)


Bought a Hard Top for my YJ, as well as some smittybilt tube bumpers (chrome, where's the barf smiley) for a grand total of $350. The PO had the doors too, but sold them separately. Can't win 'em all, but I say it was a decent deal!


I raised the rear side of my drivers stock seat about 1 inch. Now the seat feels a lot more like it was made to be sat in

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