What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?


edited this up cause i want to build it!

i know i know. HORRIBLE editing. but you get the idea. i want a trailer that looks like the rear end of my cherokee. so to the junk yard i will go one day and cut up some panels ;)


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completely redid the audio on my manche, new head unit, speakers in the doors, custom boxes in the rear for my 6x9's and sub, and installed my new fuel pump.... and it still doesnt fire up.


made my own tow point. i want the real deal hitch bracket for a d-ring/shackle but they are a little pricey for my taste (with shipping and all that) so i made this. a local guy saw it and asked if i wanted his bracket for free so this weekend going to pick it up :) i am excited for free stuff



i am excited for free stuff
Free Jeep stuff is always the best! I have actually found two reciever D-ring thing-a-ma-bobs out on the trail.....both were really rusty but cleaned up decent.

Today I loaded and packed my recovery and tool bag in back of the Jeep! Just 7 days left till I hit the trails for the next two months:wings:
Got my Tuffy drawer installed today. At first i was a little worried because while driving around there was alot of banging and rattling coming from it. Luckily i had just drop a socket inside and didnt notice it at the time so now it is sound free . The price was a little high but i like the fact that its made to fit like a glove and fit is close to something you would see from the factory.



im really liking these tuffy boxes, i'm going to have to take a look at their website...

today. she got used as a grocery getter for the first time in years. but i waxed her so its all good ;)

looked at their website. like what i saw, then looked at the prices...that can wait..a long time.
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Replaced some worn out RE bushings and installed some EVO rockstar skids (rear lower control arm skids with shock relocation bracket built in)


Cleaned the engine bay........It was looking pretty grim.... Now its shiny..... hmmm,.. time to get it dirty again!:coffeedrink:


Took apart dash board to start wiring the rear arb locker switch.. put today aside to finally get it done.. also going to try and change the rear seal on t case and put a sight tube in for the fluid level..