What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?


Installing the balljoints from hell on the Zj. Made it 1/3 of the way through. Installing extended brake lines and new cv shaft in the process. Almost back on the road.



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Technically listed as "What Have You Jerry Rigged Today" I found that the positive terminal keeps getting corroded.. and I'm constantly cleaning it..I wondered why jeep never installed those silicone boots over the terminals, nor if they would have even worked in this instance. With that in mind.. My wife brought home a corner protector from their shipping supplies.. I had them notch out an area as to allow for the green wire and simply placed this over the positive contact.. I'm hoping this will reduce the amount I'll have to clean the terminal..

A better idea might be (after examining the hood's edge) is to use a rubber "U" channel on the hood's edge. So when the hood closes.. it creates a seam between the hood and the fender.. Not sure that would work either, but it does present a few thoughts..


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Got the AEV 3.5 lift and getting ready to install on the JKUR.

Don't like Bilsteins, so I'm going with a beefier dampener.


Bob Freda

Despite having some snow last night, today was good for getting some things done. My son printed up some labels for my light switch panel.

When it warmed up the Jeep got a bath and I applied my new ExPo stickers. The old one was showing it's age (if you could see it)

Not much ExPo related stuff but she sure looks good.