What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?


Well I have the front one working great. All I have to do to get the rear on is drop this back on but I don't plan on going anywhere with this travel ban in place. Also I will link you to a great site when I find it.

I order from here I got an aluminum manifold, by they hav all kinds of cool stuff.

installed my old dominion jeep hilift mount with axe/shovel clamps. Pretty straight forward process.


While I was in garage working fedex arrived with my AT stage 1 storage and combo slide so I went ahead and put the storage price in

Had to test fit it all before attaching drawer


Very satisfied with my day! Maybe tomorrow I can get the fridge/stove slide installed.


The last couple of weeks I've installed a Front Runner Slimline II on my JKU and the Front Runner Easy-Out Awning. I'm still in the decision making process of choosing a RTT.
How would you rate the install difficulty and final fit and finish of the roof rack?
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I think I need a bigger truck!
Installed my 20" LED light bar. Drilled and tapped into the brush bar and mounted it in place of my old Hella 500's.

I also mounted up my tablet mount and tested it all out. Dual GPS Puck and Dell Venue 7 Android tablet running some navigation apps.

CB was installed a while ago, as was the 5 switch console panel...

Also wired up the pigtails on my rock lights and found mounting locations. Ran out of light (ironic) to get them installed. Next weekend's project.


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How would you rate the install difficulty and final fit and finish of the roof rack?
The fit and finish of the rack is phenomenal. It is a solid piece of equipment in every aspect. The installation honestly wasn't too difficult. I broke it up into phases. I took my time and put the rack together in my living room in an evening using allen wrenches. Then I spent a day taking my time with the install on my Jeep. Once you get over the fact that you're drilling holes through your hardtop it's fairly straight forward. Test fit everything, measure 10 times for sanity's sake, and take your time. I did everything on my own except for lifting the rack into place on the roof, and bolting the rear of the rack onto the mounts. Both steps are best served to be completed with a buddy.

I would rate myself as about a 2 out of 10 on the "handy man" scale, so if I can do it, anyone can.
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