What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?


i really like the "what did you do to your xj/mj thread over on jeep forum. it is kind of a general jeep discussion thread. so i figured we could start one for expo jeeps. so what did you do today?

I loaded it up to bring my stuff home from the dorms

Steve F

Replaced a fuse, not much but now the incar PC with all the GPS etc is working again :)

Yesterday I got out the high pressure washer and washed the big chunks of mud off from Easter :)


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Dusted off the tubing bender out and bent up some tubing for a roof rack for the RTT. Failed on the first attempt of a hoop before I realized my copy of Bend-tech was still calibrated for the old bender.......oops:sombrero:


parking lot donuts? :elkgrin:
I can't seem to get myself in gear some days without 2 glazed and a MONDO cup of coffee. Donuts just don't taste the same if I'm not in the hammer seat of my LJ.:sombrero:

When I'm camping,..... Monkey Bread is a good substitute:elkgrin:


oh man. that makes me want krispy kreme!!!

looks like its going to be a tight squeeze with all my stuff, may need to take two trips...


Replaced the windshield/frame, now it will pass inspection so I can get out of the garage and onto the trail.:victory:


Took it out a little side track road and up an old logging road to the top of the mountain just because. No need for 4wd other than to get into low range but it passed the time and it was fun to be out in the woods. :sombrero: I wish there were more roads around here like that, but one is better than none!

Yesterday I checked the rear axle oil, transfercase fluid level, and lubed the rear driveshaft.


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Kicked it when I walked past it this morning....bad jeep bad!

The transmission swap became another transmission rebuild since I have to use the original SM420 case that was modified for the conversion, I can't use the replacement case I bought. The old one just had too many little modifications.
So I basically have to swap all the new guts into the old case....

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Appalachian Ridgerunner
The Mouser hauled me out to the woods today for a wet, rainy turkey hunt. After that it brought me back home where I gave him a good interior cleaning and changed his oil.