What battery size would you need to go overlanding in an EV.


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Also keep in mind the single panels with the high wattage ratings seem to have a much narrower range of ideal production than the lower rated panels that are nearly the same surface area. So dropping a few 400watt panels on a folding frame might yield good production in perfect conditions and could be disappointing in typical conditions.

Also my 8200watts is a solid 250volts 30-40amps in a cool California climate for about 10hrs a day April-August. For a Tesla charging effort my 8200watts only tasked with charging say 60kwh on a empty Tesla would be a 2 day deal. Thats a sleek 4 passenger vehicle that will take a 60-70% range hit towing a 900lb hiker tear drop.

So a say a 1ton or 3ton truck with a 4000+ watt array and probably needing 200kwh battery for any type of range beyond 100miles. 4000watt array in ideal conditions is likely a 7-8 day recharge effort for a 100-160 mile range.