What are your top 3 tools to bring for a recovery situation?


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What do you use the rope and chain for?
They can be used for many things. For example:

Wrap around a tire to temporarily gain more traction (like a poor man’s tire chain)

Use as a makeshift winch by attaching to a wheel and anchor. The rope/chain is attached in such a way that it wraps around the wheel when the wheel turns..

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First place!
Recovery strap

Go with another vehicle
When possible!!
1. Shovel
2. Traction boards
3. Bottle jack
Always carry the above items but if you're traveling with another vehicle(s) a snatch strap can eliminate having to use those tools.


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The A Game
Winch etc
Chainsaw, Shovel

The B Game
Cell Phone
Snacks, Water, Hikers


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Check out my poll on the same topic:


When you say "recovery" I'm thinking stuck/lack of forward progression not due to flat tire or mechanical failure. If by yourself (and you said "three tools"):

1. Shovel
2. Winch (and the accessories that go with it)
3. Traction boards (Maxtrax, X-bulls, etc.)

I'm assuming your vehicle has a jack; make sure it'll lift your tire off the ground (esp. if you've installed taller tires).

Would add to the list (especially if with others)

4. Tow strap (and shackles)


I'll play, with others:
1. Strap
2. Clevis
3. Shovel

I've done many recoveries of others from mud and snow. Never has a jack crossed my mind to use. Shovel, traction boards and a winch if you are alone.


For me, a winch with accessories, a hi-lift, a shovel and most important a buddy and a strap. I haven't use a shovel for recovery but I have dug many holes. A shovel will work but do yourself a favor get a good one and as big of a one you can fit and E Tools suck.