What are you using for stabilizers/levelers on your trailer with a RTT?


Thanks, i like this one but its only 28" not sure it will be long enough for me.
It won't be. Wayne's Stabilizer and Valterra are basically the same product. First time I ran accross this was with a buddy that bought his from AT and it had the Wayne's Stabilizer sticker on it. Looked them up and found the same lower price ordering direct. Don't know if Wayne's is still around as all I've found recently is Valterra. This product will just not work if your frame is at 28" or higher.


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Mark, I am still leaning this direction. I like the Grainger ones but I will add 50+ lbs to the back end just with the stabilizers.

After looking at countless options and websites, I have gone full circle from simple to fancy to simple and now landed on this option:

Main reason is weight. The 12lb simple ones will stabilize and even lift my soon-to-exist 2000lb fully loaded teardrop just fine.
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I picked up the AT trailer type for my M416. It did the job. That being said, I am leaning towards something like Jeff did just for ease of access. I guess you could mount the AT system, it just seems that the rachet strap would get nasty or even ripped..


I went through all of these options before deciding on the Bal C jacks. The drop leg jacks were way overkill, heavy and a storage nightmare for me-they were the route I was going to go. I thought the C jacks looked cheap so I called the manufacturer in Indiana. I spoke to an engineer who at first gave me the company line. "These jacks are not meant to lift a trailer only stabilize it" I explained my dilemma, I have a pioneer tool trailer with a cvt McKinley on top and five people sleeping in it. I needed a jack to lift, level and stabilize the trailer. He took my phone number and said he would do some checking. Later in the day he called me on his personal cell phone. Said he couldn't officially tell me the jacks would work but I officially assured me the jacks would be fine. I have been super happy with them. They worked great on our 3 week trip this summer. Best thing is they crank right up under the trailer (use a drill for super fast cranking).


^ I really like that idea but have concerns that 31" (biggest on can find) will not be long enough for an offroad trailer. I am going to wait until I have the frame delivered and can take exact measurements before I order any stabilizers.

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Ιt works only on a flat surface.
You 'll still need some kind of a jack if you wonna level it before you secure it...
I went custom with the ratchet idea.
I use a butterfly nut and store the two legs in the trailer when not in use 9because they are too long...

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I used two jacks, with feet, similar to this under my M416. These are being transferred to my CDN M101 after I get it back from blasting and galvanizing. They mounted inline with the frame, front to back, and reasonably close to outboard. It provided excellent stability for the RTT. These were purchased at Snyder RV in Virginia Beach but can be had at any RV parts counter.


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I'm using the 31" Bal C- Jacks. No issues, plenty of lift left with a 28" bottom of frame clearance.


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Old school manual camper removal jacks... Lots of travel and can easily be shortened if necessary. They are also very handy when and if you need to change a trailer tire. Rtt yet to be mounted.


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I just bought one of the Harbor Freight model 3961 jacks previously mentioned. $49.99 but you can get a 20% off coupon easily and sometimes 25%. I may just use it as the tongue jack but also consider it for the rear also.

There is lighter capacity model but in the web site reviews were comments that the lighter model had plastic gears which can fail. Model 3961 is hopefully stronger.

Also Northern Tool has several models of tongue jacks that may work.