What are you using for a coffee maker and coffee brand when camping/overlanding?


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I normally used a AeroPress coffee press and like it , especially the clean up. But That works well for one cup. I'm a one or no cup of coffee guy. Not important to me.

My wife , who likes coffee, when travelling with me with me, I tried the Jetboil french press but did not like it. I did not like the clean up and the press let in a lot of grounds.

I went back to the Aeropress and I figured I'd use two to make coffee. Still not the solution.

I saw this Stanley French Press and thought to try it out. It is expensive at $60.00 but so far I like it. It makes good coffee the amount I need and keeps it hot.
if I let the grounds dry overnight it is not too bad to clean.

The top is not sealed so it will leak if tipped over but not a deal breaker. Now I have a coffee solution to make coffee for my wife for our trip to AK.

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There are some fancy coffee makers on here. Wow you all take your coffee seriously.
I either use a percolator or just old school grounds in the bottom of a pot of water and bring to a boil. Filter it cheese cloth or something similar and drink. As for coffee type, what ever is a course ground at the store.
I am less picky these days and just enjoy it.


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Back in the day, I would make "cowboy coffee" . A # 10 can , bring water to a boil , a pinch of salt , a large handful of coffee and let steep for a few minutes. Tap the side of the can a couple of times with the pot holder to settle the grounds and pour.