What are you hunting for on Prime day for your yota?


I posted this in the Fireside chat, but man that place is a ghost town.

Anyone have recommendations on stuff to keep an eye out for on Prime day tomorrow?
Specifically, I could use:
- Recovery gear
- Seat covers
- Compressor (not one that needs to be installed; not ready to drop the coin)

Any recommendations on specific parts that you know are available from Jeff?


Beach Bum
I'll be honest, I have been a Prime member for years now and I still have no idea how Prime Day works lol. I know I got an email about it recently but I deleted it before I looked at it haha. Care to divulge the details?


I've looked at it in the past but 95% of what I saw was literal junk. Never saw anything that I really needed. That was a couple years ago and I haven't bothered to look since, so maybe it's better now?


Just seems like a bunch of hype to me. They list stuff as having huge mark downs based on inflated retail prices not previously listed at. Also, lots of useless junk.


Generally speaking, I agree with the above. I certainly wouldn't rush to amazon today expecting to find that one thing on sale. But if you're on the hunt for something, it's worth checking.

That said, I haven't found squat this year. (Last year we grabbed a couple of random things that came in handy — like bulk hand soap refills that we expected to last forever, but are now gone thanks to COVID.)