What are the top 5 essentials to bring backcountry car camping?


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I always carry a Fire Steel everyday and my Posibles Kit Stored in Army mess Tins Full of fire starting and cooking gear

But if I was going out Bush I would Take all of the above,

Plus some large plastic Bags
Food and Water
My DrizaBone Coat which can double as a Shelter
And a Torch/Flash light

Recommended books for Overlanding


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Based of the answers I am getting, seems like:

Water filtration/ purification

I feel like these would be big during a survival situation, which is what you always want to prepare for. Some other ideas:

First Aid!
HAM Radio, for communication. What do you guys think of this one?


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Shelter......... when you're car camping. Check
Navigation, you should always have a road atlas in your car, one, because they are fun to browse through and dream of the next trip, and two, because they are helpful for navigation. A compass is helpful, but not necessary if you're in a car. Find any major terrain feature or intersection and you can figure out where you are from the map.
Water, good tip, always carry way more than you need. I inevitably fill up both my 7 gallon tanks even for weekend trips because the dogs get really sandy and a clean family is a happy family.
Knife, always good.

But real car camping:
Warmth (Puffy coat, wool blanket)
Extra food
Extra gas