What are the top 5 essentials to bring backcountry car camping?


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Some of these responses crack me up. If you are in a wilderness with no one around you and you have your car why do you need a tent or cash? Why would you bring a toilet, you have the entire wilderness. Why a map? Just go back to your car and drive home. To each their own.


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Why a map? Just go back to your car and drive home. To each their own.

- GPS doesn't always work
- You break down/single vehicle MVA with no cell signal so you have to walk to get help
-You get lost
- Egress route is closed and you have to find another way out
- Bad weather forces you to change your route

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Road Fever (Vintage Departures)
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Yet...no way to shoot an azimuth. Makes it very unreliable for accurate navigation.
I agree to a point about the accuracy but we are talking survival and rather than just stand there and hope Im going with it.

We all need to remind ourselves leaving your vehicle is not the best first choice in a survival situation. The smoke from your vehicle burning can be seen for miles. 🤪


1. Water filter such as MSR MiniWorks EX.
2. Nalgene bottle used in conjunction with above.
3. Fire starting equipment like a lighter or matches.
4. Pot or pan to cook on.
5. Knife or folding saw like a Silky. Too hard to keep it at 5.

Bonus information: Be on the look out for my kickstarter campaign. Titanium collapsible sun compass shadow sticks. Multi purpose kit we're talking here. The longest stick is going to also be a walking stick/tent pole and base for a bow. The next smallest is gonna be a mini-fishing pole (supply your own line). The smallest sticks will also be fashioned in the shape of arrowhead should you find yourself needing to spear a wild boar.