What are the top 5 essentials to bring backcountry car camping?


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Assuming that you are driving out into the wilderness, where there will be no amenities--not backpacking. What are the top 5 essentials?

I am mainly thinking of if you were to go on a long multiday trip with no connection and far away from civilization. Anything you can transport in your car is fair game. Additionally, any examples of a time where these items came in use would be helpful.

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1. Good tent.
2. Food, water, stove, etc.
3. Appropriate clothing and footwear.
4. Bedding: sleeping bag, cot, pad, etc.
5. Camera.


My Uncle drove a government issued Jeep in Europe
Clear head rated #1 survival tool
These ^^^ are the top 5.

Then add

Food storage, how to keep it cool, safe, fresh.
A dry spot to sleep, warm too.
Appropriate clothing.

Suitable First Aid
Maps, Route finding, Smart judgement
File a plan with someone trusted and check in might be the one which saves the day


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Car repair basics - wrenches, fan belt, flat repair, etc.
Extra fuel
Maps/cell phone

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My Uncle drove a government issued Jeep in Europe
Never needed a magnet to find north, on the ocean on a cloudy day sure. But on land, near a road, never.

Recommended books for Overlanding