What 4WD Trips/Adventures around Oz or NZ Are You Planning for 2017?


Going to take the cruiser down to the South Island late Feb or March. Last few trips down there have been on the motorbikes so about time for a 4x4+mountainbike visit again.


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Cape York

Planning a trip to the top of Cape York. Leaving in May heading up through the inland way to charters towers and then on to Cairns and the Cape. The is a little bit of a twist as we are heading up in a group of old Jeep vehicles. Should be a bit offensive.


Depending on work....
We might do a trip up to Carawine Gorge....
Then spend a bit of time in The Pilbara just for ****s and giggles....

Cheers Fugly


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Since most of you in the East are heading West we might head east via the Simpson then up to the Dimantina.

Cheers DIPA


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Just setup a Prado with roof tent and a boot full of gear in Brisbane.

Looking to complete a full lap in 6 - 12 months. Heading north and tonight's the second night up near Kilcoy.

To be honest i don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm researching as best I can.

Anyone know how i can join some other people to tackle some of the easier 4wd routes up Cape York?