What $400 can get ya off of Craigslist...


:wings: Yesterday the Craigslist Gods smiled upon me. I found the below Craigslist add on a fluke. I was Google'n something completely different than a Gobi roof rack. When the search results posted I spied the roof rack, opened the link to discover it was being sold at a VERY reasonable price about 90 minutes up the road (excluding Denver traffic!). Frantic e-mail exchange and a couple phone calls later it was mine.


Gobi Rack for XJ - $450 (Westminster)
Date: 2009-12-10, 7:03PM MST

Currently I have a new gobi rack that was on my XJ for only a month until I sold it. The rack retails for well over $1000.00 but just need to get rid of it since I have no use for it. Please only serious inquiries.

Thanks Again,

So here's what it looks like on my XJ a few minutes after I got it home (iPhone pic... sorry). As soon as I get a couple cups of coffee down me this morning I'll post some more pics! :coffee:


Nice find! Always amazing to see how much great stuff can be found that's "pre-owned" as the car dealers like to say.

Maximus Ram

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Good find :victory:
Found my ConFerr rack on craigslist ,too. Just have to be on there at the right time and have quick e-mail skills :sombrero:

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that is a great find.

I found a AEV front bumper, Hansen rear, AEV hood, and a new set of tires for my rubicon. I am still searching for a winch, and some other odds and ends. my whole build will be from craigslist. I need a rack for my jeep too, but have never come across one for a JK.


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Congrats Mike, thats one of the best racks i'v seen available for an XJ.

Recently sold my Wilderness rack, i'm going to build a flat platform based on my Thule setup.


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First let me say... I officially hate you... j/k :elkgrin:

Very nice setup. The Gobi rack is the ONLY rack I have lusted over for my XJ but the $$$$ has kept me away. 400 bones, I would have had it on my rig too. :ylsmoke:

Great find and congrats on one of the best racks for a Cherokee.


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looks good! how much would you say it weighs?

I'm still stuck on the the megamule from bajarack.

It's bantam weight and seemingly good strength really draws me back everytime I'm browsing around at racks.

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