We've got one way airplane tickets for the end of the world


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We're flying to Cancun on 12/12/12! Three of the four outbound tickets were paid for by airmiles so I wanted to get them booked early. We haven't got return tickets yet so, for the time being at least, we can joke about flying one way to witness the end of the world! I'm not sure about our level of involvement in the Maya Rally but the basic idea so far is to wander around Mexico and Guatemala by bus, ending up at Tikal or somewhere similar before 12/21. After that we hope to spend the Christmas week island hopping in Belize before flying home around the new year. :sombrero:

Christian P.

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that is awesome! we actually have a class for people taking bus/boat/etc to come down, so I think you would be eligible!


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I blinked.

We now have return flights.

Now if the world ends I'll be out of pocket for four airplane tickets.