Weird teardrop thing. Opinions wanted


I just bought this little camper pod thing from a guy locally. He was letting his daughter use it as a play house and wanted to get rid of it. Its pretty damn cool and he built it to go on a 5x10 flatbed trailer. I am leaning towards putting it on a 5x12 flat bed trailer and the additional 2 feet would be used for gas cans and a generator. I think it would make a cool little base camp for hunting.

My question is would you go with the 5x10 or 5x12 and have any of you guys modified suspensions on flatbeds to make them more capable? I realize a flatbed trailer isn't the best but i'd like additional clearance and some shock absorption so I don't beat this thing up.

Any thoughts and ideas as to what you all would do with this would be appreciated. My kids and I are looking forward to messing around with it



Re: Weird teardrop thing.

That would fit on my 5x10. If you get tired of it let me know. I really like that idea.