Wedge camper ventilation while closed?

Well, it’s summer in Phoenix again. Unfortunately my Khaya will not fit in the garage... The app for my solar system says my battery is getting past 100 degrees.

I’m not averse to adding vents and fans but of course you can’t just slap a fantastic fan on the roof of a wedge. Anyone else tackled this type of problem before?

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Sure you can, put it backwards. You just can't drive with it open while top is lowered. It has been done. Perhaps a bit unconventional but no less than making an RV out of a pick up. :D

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I dont have a Vagabond but I do have an aluminum poptop and live in the Phoenix area amd understand your pain. Bus Kote is a game-changer, after sitting outside all day you can lay the side of your face on the top at noon.

A fan will not do much good without supply air.

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