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Though this doesn't broadcast per se as a radio, this being a Communications thread I thought I'd post about this device here.
We recently added a weBoost Drive 4G-X to our rig thanks to Wilson Electronics who make the device, which happens to be a hometown export from St. George, Utah.

It's a cell signal booster (up to 70db) with an external antenna that amplifies tower voice and data signals.

These signals are processed for broadcast inside the Montero through this antenna that's placed directly below where my iPhone mounts. This creates a WiFi hotspot for us.

I've noticed a strong increase in signal strength while camping in the Uintahs, with faster, more reliable service in data transfer.

I uploaded four videos from this remote location in less time than my home WiFi which is the fastest that Salt Lake City has to offer. So far, so good.


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Does it "pair" to the phone or will it boost any and all 4g signals within range of the interior antenna?
If you have the interior antenna then it will boost any and all 4G signals. It doesn't actually pair. Think of it as a repeater of sorts.

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Have been looking at 4GX RV for the past six months. Had two situations between last summer and this summer where there was little to no service and no way to get help. Found a 51 year old man having a heart attack on the side of the road on the western side of the smokys. The other was a girl playing in the creek at a campground that busted her head open on the rocks. I just can't make myself purchase it because I have found no one that has used this tech in remote areas of the east coast. Wanted to order thru amazon but found reviews that said some retailers were giving the customers a hard time about returns/refunds. When I contacted wilson/weboost they seemed less than helpful in looking into past customers in the areas I was concerned with. For $500 I'm not willing to risk it unless I can get at least minimal feedback.


I've been using one for nearly three years now. These work great. Replace that antenna though with a better one.


FWIW I've had one of these in my LR3 for a couple years now. I'd rate it as slightly above useless.

It often makes my phone 'show' more bars but in actual fact I still can't get a signal for voice or data. This is with both an iphone and Samsung Galaxy using ATT and Verizon. Over all I'd say I get maybe a 10% actual improvement in cellular performance at best.

It may be that you can get better performance than I can due to the glass roof of the LR3. I have the exterior antenna mounted as far back as I can, at the top of the rear hatch, and the internal antenna in the passenger footwell trying to get as much separation as I can but I still get some feedback. Maybe if I had a steel roof it would help the overall performance.

Example: at the western regional LR event outside Sedona a couple years ago I needed to help a friend track down a part. My phone by itself showed intermittently 1 bar and I could sometimes get a call through or pull up something on-line. Sitting in the truck with the system on I would see 3 bars on the phone but still had exactly the same results trying to make a call or use a data connection.

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I was looking at these last night, then I see this thread. What type of antenna would you replace for better performance mikekey?


Samething.......I'd like to add one to our Tiger. Any updates regarding people's experience with this booster? Much appreciated!