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Hi all, I bought a Webasto Thermo Top C furnace for the habitat on our truck. This is a truck engine pre-heater and as such the plug did not include the pin for the heat exchanger fans (the pin is on the furnace, and there is a space for it on the plug but it is empty). Anyone know where/how I could just get on of the little metal inserts for this plug (the metal bit in the lower right corner of the picture below)?

If you don't find a source for the terminals contact Ballenger Motorsports. That is very similar to Delphi now Aptiv connectors. I don't recognize the actual connector layout the terminals are similar.

Ballenger has the resources to positively identify the terminal you need. Don't be surprised that whoever you find for supply to have to buy 25 of them for pennies or pay high dollar for a single one from Webasto.


Gotta Be Nuts
Thanks Hillbilly Heaven, I'll check Ballenger out. I know I can order the complete plug for about $30 plus shipping from the UK. Was hoping for something a little less costly for a small bit of metal.

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You can buy them on ebay from this seller in Turkey, he is very well regarded and can supply most bits for Webasto and Eberspacher. I've also not long bought a secondhand Thermotop on ebay and needed the plug and connectors to suit.
See this seller https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/dieselheaters4u?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 or you can get the whole plug with connectors and seals https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/WEBASTO-THERMO-TOP-C-DIESEL-WATER-HEATER-6-PIN-PLUG-CONNECTOR-PINS-EBERSPACHER/113712819331?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649


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Is there a part number on the connector housing? You could use that to track down the MFG. From there it should be a simple matter of finding a distributor who sells the pins.

A webasto dealer should be able to access the service documentation, which would include the connector sub parts. Whether they know how to is a different question.


The Heatmiser Slimline N tstat works flawlessly with the Webasto Thermotop c. Cheaper and better than anything Webasto makes.
As for the connector you could always use multimeter test pins.